Thursday, August 27, 2009

How the left frame the debate

Cartoon by William Warren from

You can see the same thing being done with anyone who questions the NHS and its outcomes.

The problem I have with the left is they see politics the same way a holigan sees football - as a great chance for a fight.

They don't care what happens, as long as they win. Hence they're just not intrested in the dicussion and learning something - just winning the deabte using their bully heavy handed tactics.

These have been misfiring for the Labour party recently as I've commented on Conservative home. But still Labour still have their heads stuck in the sand.

I have to conclude that many of them just don't understand or are too selfish to admit to the obvious failure of the last 12 years. ( Maybe a few are hardened revolutionaries who are trying to drag us all down so that their beloved revolution and its inevitable terror can come about ).


James Higham said...

The Millwall Left. Has a certain ring to it?

JPT said...

You're almost better being called a paedophile nowadays than a racist.

Anonymous said...

Spot on - I wish ignorant dogma preaching shouty bigot carried the same stigma.

A lot of folk who place themselves left of centre seem to think that they can't be fascist or racist and that they have a monopoly on delivering those insults - self awareness being in short supply.