Saturday, February 28, 2015

Get well soon Nick Robinson

The Telegraph reports Nick Robinson is in for a op to remove a tumour from his lung.

They've chose a photo he'd probably rather forget - which is a bit uncharitable of them.

I'd just like to wish Mr Robinson good health and a speedy recovery. He's one of the few BBC reporters who shows any balance and is interesting and informative.

Hope you're back on our screen in time to report on UKIP's suprise series of Westminsiter victories in May Nick !

Get well soon ....

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


If you listen to radio 4's Today programme this morning your think the idea that one, if not both sides ( in the EU started Ukrainian war ) are lying hasn't occurred to our left wing group think friends in broadcasting house.

This may explain their problems dealing with issues like terrorism and climate change also.

Saturday, February 07, 2015

The EU has brought Europe to the brink of war

There's no hiding how bad things are getting. The EU - using soft power - effectively removed the unpleasant, but democratically elected Ukrainian govt by encouraging and perhaps fermenting revolution.

Russia was never going to sit back at let this happen, and she hasn't.

Putin has used Maskirovka to deceive the naive EU and US and crave out key parts of territory it wants. They have pushed and found the door easy to move, now they look like wanting more.

France and Germany may talk tough, but there are very real concerns about their military capability. For example it is rumoured that the German airforce is almost unserviceable.

In the UK defence cuts have weakened us to the point that we can't defend our own waters and the Russians feel emboldened enough to bring nuclear cruise missile bombers, without transponders switched on, to fly up and down the English channel.

At the same time the new reverse oil crisis has been kicked of by the Saudis ( is the US involved ? ) - this puts Russia into a use it or lose it corner.

Its hard to see how this is going to end well.

Remember all this the next time you hear the Vichy-conservative party or Lib Dems try to defend the EU-Superstate by claiming it has brought peace to Europe.

Peace in Europe has been kept by NATO - and mostly the US, with at the time a strong UK backing.

The EU has brought us to the edge of disaster....

Don't let the apologists for Brussels ever forget this.

And also let not forget that its not Labour, but David Cameron's Conservative party that has betrayed our nation like this.

Also worth reading

John Redwood on the EU culpability ( but he's loyaylly trying to get #CallMeDave off the hook.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Who was Leon Britton's Brussels helper

Your Friday quiz:
Which political party leader started his career working for Leon Britton ?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

England - betrayed by David Cameron and the Conservatives

Today David Cameron - he of the vow to save his career which has resulted in today's independence sometime latter legislation - is up in Scotland.

There will be more "powers" for the busy body assembly in Edinburgh. "Scotland" wants more powers, but to keep the <s>ability to bleed the English dry<\s> security of the United Kingdom.

In short they have al;ready mentally ceased to think of themselves or talk about themselves as British.

Labour's break up of the UK is all around us. In Scotland every agency you can think of has the word Scotland before it. Charities emphasis that the money the raise will be spend on Scots ( yes even the poppy campaign - how dirty nasty and selfish is that ! ). I had a Christmas card from a charity based in Wales - who's strap line was all the money spent in Wales.

The English by contrast have been happy to see money spent according to need - indeed through the spectacular generosity of the Barnett formula they have hose money North of the border and are rewarded with Luddite socialism by the SNP/Labour/Scots Lib Dems.

When hasn't spoken yet - but we better not leave it too late. We are being taken as fools... by Cameron and the Conservatives.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A merry Christmas to one and all

Things have been very quiet around here for a bit, but not so quiet that I can;'t wish you all a merry Christmas.

The new year's going to be one almighty political bun fight - so enjoy the break !

Best wishes,

Man in a Shed.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Evil continues

We are getting thick skinned.

Really no one is really batting an eye lid over Sydney or even the massacre in Pakistan of innocent school kids. ( After all so many other equally evil, sick and disgusting events are perpetuated by the Jihadists on a daily basis, especially against Christians and other minorities in countries that are cursed with their rabid ideology. )

The sad truth is we're acclimatised to the sickness of the movement that carries it out.

Know a tree by the fruit it bears - and so we must now acknowledge what we are dealing with - but I bet you we won't, and that is the blindness that will allow these events to continue.

Perhaps also those like myself who have become acclimatised to hearing awful news like today's need to pray we never become so numbed by it we cease to demand justice and that we stand against such evil.

Monday, December 01, 2014

Goodbye Mr Brown - don't come back

This blog was started as an experiment based on an article in a computing magazine about blogging. I couldn't figure out why it was so popular, but thought perhaps if I had a go I'd get the idea.

I tried a few posts, but not a twitch of satisfaction.

Not until I started to write about politics and specifically how angry and annoyed Gordon Brown made me ( and just about every other sane Englishman who wasn't a directly tax payer funded parasite of the Labour party ).

So I suppose I should thank you Mr Brown.

But let me be clear - don't come back. Enjoy your retirement on the pension I can no longer afford since your stealth taxes destroyed one of the best funded pension systems in Western Europe.

You will no doubt enjoy your lavish life in an area out outstanding English subsidy, purchased with debt raised on my children due to your utter incompetence with banking regulation.

The disaster now overtaking the United Kingdom of Scottish separatism was of your making and doing. You are responsible for it - I hope your retirement lasts long enough for you to see the road crash you created finally play out - so you can get all the blame you deserve.

You have been a selfish, incompetent prime minister who put self before party, and party before country. You are an utter disgrace and a stain on our nations history and a warning of the abject failure of socialism and all its dark works.

Never come back, don't write another book, retire in peace. Never bother us again .

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Miliband abandons one nation in favour of marxist hate campaign

Things are bad for the North London Marxist elite that have lived their entire life as parasites on the taxpayer.

The White Van & England flag debacle has made clear to everyone that they are from another planet.

So what does our brought up by Marxists Labour leader authorise to help save his career ?

A bit of class war of course.

Hence the campaign to try to damage independent schools. This has the added advantage of attacking organisations that show just how big the attainment gap between our children's potential and the state education system ( as approved by Ed's pay masters The Unions ) is.

One thing is sure - he can forget that One Nation meme thing he tried on people a short while ago.