Monday, April 07, 2014

Only UKIP have the argument to keep the Union

The odd thing about the SNP's push for separating Scotland from the UK is there plan to surrender sovereignty as soon as possible to the EU afterwards.

The UK's current viting weight in the council of ministers is about 8%. Since Scotland is about a 1/10 of the population I assume ( but await the EU anaorak correction ) it will be less that 1% for Scotland.

The EU already has possention of the fish in UK (Scottish waters ) and is using the Macondo event in the Gulf of Mexico as an excuse to try to take control of Oil & Gas.

Now that majority voting is being used to dissolve the nation states Scotland faces a tragedy of the commons as the rest of the EU votes to take their resources.

So Alex Salmond's campaign for indepndence is in fact nothing of the sort.

There is only one political party that campaigns for independence ( for the UK ) and that's UKIP. The only political party with a positive message for the Union.

Monday, March 31, 2014

The government prepares to further damage the family

Fresh from its assault against the family by implementing the shocking redefinition of marriage of everyone in the country the government has another cultural Marxist idea up its sleeve.

Making emotional cruelty an offence in the family.

Its another hard to define category that will create fear of the state, and also create further a culture of victim hood which appeals to the state top  resolve issues in the family.

We can all look forward to being prosecuted in the future by our children if we try to discipline them. ( Oh yes you can hear the reassurance from the government that the law won't be used for that - but if the redefinition of marriage has taught us anything its that government reasurrances are just empty worthless word- remember the consultation sham. )

Will there be any Cultural Marxism left for #RedEd to implement after this Coalition has finished ?

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Labour see devolution just as an anti-Tory measure

Ed Miliband was busy trying to cheer up the Welsh Labour party - you know the one in government and responsible for the dire failure of the Welsh NHS and Education systems - with promises of more capability to damage destroy,  ruin and in now many cases prematurely end peoples lives with the curse of socialism.

Why ?

Because they are still pursuing the Brown model of devolution as a way to keep Labour in power for ever and have the English pay for it.

Labour want to destroy the Union yet further with their anti-English devolution fix up.

No parliament for England, no government for England because Labour worry they won;'t be able to damage peoples lives by being in government all the time and enriching themselves and their offspring.

I@m not sure why Labour is bothering to argue for the Union in Scotland as it has a clear hatred of the English and their views. Indeed about the only thing Labour likes about England is our money.

Monday, March 24, 2014

The BBC's desperate to to defend the TV poll tax and keep sending poor people to prison

This afternoon on the radio I heard the line, where a BBC jouralist interviews another, trying to dig up the idea that Andrew Bridgen MPs plan to stop sending poor people to prison is politically motivated.

This BBC interview here shows the same BBC line being tried.

My guess is the BBC have been blind-sided by Labour's apparent decision to support saving poor indebted people who can't afford the TV Poll tax to prison.

But of course with #RedEd you never know what he's really up to.... the BBC has got a few years of lobbying and threatening to save its left wing bacon.

PS Kudos to Andrew Bridgen - my guess is the left wing uber parasites will still get of the hook. But there's now hope they wont.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Steeling from the future again

So George Osborne has decided people can blow their pensions early, as long as he gets a tax share and it makes his life long career in politics look good.

The idea that a significant number of people won't blow their pensions or worse still be conned out of them if laughable. We also know that its the tax payer who will ultimately end up picking up the pieces.

This one act in the budget shows the disgusting cynicism that is the life blood of our corrupt political class.

Still the cruise firms will be pleased - our Children are going to hate us as they suffer from the debt slavery we have signed up to.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hawking is right to bet on his hypthesis

Prof Stephen Hawking is this morning trying to call in his bet on the inflation theory of the Universe.

This might seem trivial and frivolous, however its a useful strategy.

Perhaps the so called "climate scientists" should place bets with their funding and pensions on the temperature rise in the future. After all they are betting with our future and lives ( an inevitable economic opportunity cost of the billions upon billions of pounds involved are choices about who lives and dies - by the choice to destroy economic value with windmills rather than use it on cancer research for example ).

Monday, March 10, 2014

Perhaps they should consider ..

The Lockerbie scenario - a device placed on a plane to be transferred to another flight - so the Malaysian flight might not have been the target.

Where were those two guys going with the stolen passports again ?

Just a thought.

Thursday, March 06, 2014

The tinder box is dry, just the Sarajevo spark is missing

One hundred years on and we stand with Germany and Russia supporting proxies with entangling alliances ready to be triggered.

US F16s to Poland, the Russia Fleet to the Crimea.

Putin has established his right to invade any neighbouring country with a real or manufactured Russian speaking minority.

Any we stand committed to fight for Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania, just as we once guarnteed Belgium.

No wonder the gold price is rising.... all that's missing is the act of a nationalist mad man

Monday, March 03, 2014

German foreign policy

I see German foreign policy is paying its usual dividends in the Ukraine .

You'd think they'd have learnt their lessons from Yugoslavia.

Next comes the US state dept sanctions and a look large world market cut off from business.

Great stuff Angela ....