Thursday, July 02, 2015

Fracking and Heathrow

We have the situation of a council going against its own legal advice to refuse planning permission for the UK's first Fracking site.

What the BBC and its Luddite allies fail to report is the impact this will have on the UK. Our balance of payments will get worse ( its terrible right now ), gas costs will stay high, industry will continue to leave the UK and fuel poverty will rise as gas prices increase and green rent charging makes a few very rich and freezes pensioner to death.

Also we have the beating about the bush on Heathrow.

Yes there needs to be a 3rd and a 4th runnway at Heathrow.

The idea of moving Heathrow further West might have worked, but failing that its timne to get on with it. The alternative is to continue to fall behind the rest of the world. The UK now depends on services to pay the bills and those services depend on links to the world. Gatwick just won't cut it as a hub airport.

What these two issues have in common is a need for political leadership.

I'm not going to hold my breath on that one.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

The UK and the EU - we have history

This program on the EU is worth a watch,even though its 10 years old, for the history of some of our relationship with the EU. ( H/T to Peter Hitchens who both presents the prog and reminded us of it on his blog here ).

Now if I can only work out how to get the kids to watch it  ....

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

So what is Cameron up to fixing the referendum by abolishing Purdah ?

With David Cameron you always need to watch what he's up to. He's spending a lot of political capital over turning the rule of keeping government announcements out of pre election periods.

So what's up ?

Is it really true that we can't function without it ? That is certainly the line Cameron is trying to push.

Or could it be that if the opinion polls show the rule by the EU side close to losing Cameron wants the option of emergency bias and propaganda to prevent the UK regaining its sovereignty ?

Perhaps there is something in EU law that forbids Purdah anyway - and Cameron just doesn't want this.

It extraordinary, exceptional and highly suspicious.


The Telegraph reports that " For their part, ministers argue that purdah is “unworkable and inappropriate”; they are concerned that it will cause problems because of the volume of day-to-day business that involves the EU."

So its turns out we can't run the country as the EU is so totally infested into our government for 28 days ...

That's quite an admission to the debate is it not ?

Saturday, June 13, 2015

In response to Tim Stanley and the Conservative hand ringers

I hear a lot of this UKIP can't be allowed stuff ( from CCHQ friendly journalists especially ). The alternative seems to be the trust Cameron idea that tame Conservative Eurosceptics have swallowed with a sudden outbreak of Stockholm syndrome.

Well here's the thing - almost by definition no one in UKIP trusts David Cameron, now or ever again. Its just a fact that Conservative Outers ( not the same as fair weather Euroscepticism with half an eye on their careers ) need to accept.

Writing articles saying "UKIP must ..." is really writing propaganda for the Yes campaign - because frankly if we trusted the Conservative or Labour parties then many of us would still be in them.
There needs to be a start - and it will be made by those who turn out and turn up.

Many UKIP members like myself would welcome those from all or any political party who want a sovereign and democratic country restored. Those who have to wait to see which way the wind is blowing and the fine detail of the renegotiation frankly aren't going to be much use to anyone.
The train is leaving - get on and join in and stop whining.

Monday, June 08, 2015

Will Cameron resign ?

Of the UK votes to restore democracy and the rule of our own laws will David Cameron then resign as prime minister ?

I ask as it's implied in his collective responsibility bullying of the payroll vote.

Sunday, June 07, 2015

1st Sept - coming ready or not

I've been speaking to a number of Conservatives in my local area and I get a common reply to the question - "Right the referendum campaign is about to get going - are you ready to join the Brexit campaign ?"

The reply is ( and I paraphrase a bit )  "We need to see what Cameron negotiates".

Today we had that officially from those who badge themselves as Tory Euro sceptics in Parliament.

There may well be tactical calculations here - principled ones based on getting the best deal on both sides of the ballot - and self interested ones ( Cameron & the modernisers are in power for probably 10 years - and anyone who crosses them can expect their career to be over as far as the Conservative party goes. They will eventually allow some freedom of conscience - but that will come with a career destroying price ).

In the mean time a meme has been put out by the CCHQ broadcast organisation ( Daily telegraph, Spectator, Daily Mail, City AM etc ) that a wider Euroscpetic campaign is needed and that only 13% voted for UKIP ( they don't qualify the when as it immediately begs the counter point of who won the European elections ).

The Tories, and behind them Cameron, want to stop the Brexit campaign from starting, determine the terms and out spend that campaign by millions upon millions of pounds with the whole resources of government being allowed to campaign against UK sovereignty.

Well UKIP won't be falling for it.

Its already clear that the referendum won't be fair or balanced. Its becoming worrying that those who once flaunted their Eurosceptic credentials and told us there's no need for UKIP as they have it covered are now saying they might vote against the UK in the referendum.

Well it would have been nice to have a wide range of interests and parties with the common cause of restoring our sovereignty, rule of law, and freedom - but we're not waiting.

The Brexit ( Cameron rebadged as No ) campaign starts 1st Sept.

Its time to stand up and to be counted.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Why reasoning with Warmists usually fails

This is interesting as it has application outside of just the man made global warming debate.

Other areas of political debate clearly have similar issues.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The economy and business should be secondary to democracy and freedom

The campaign by the vested interests has already started. Those who find the European Union a convenient mechanism to control nations have ensured that a regular drip of big business will leave if the UK leave the EU stories are in the media every day. ( Its catnip to the BBC of course. )

But hold on a minute - whilst the pro-UK side could argue about the economy ( and there's a very good argument to be had ) - the starting point needs to be democracy and sovereignty.

Thanks to the EU Constitution Lisbon Treaty qualified majority voting is ensures that it doesn't matter how you vote or what government you elect - the laws will be the same.

We have been democratically  lobotomised.

The starting point of the EU referendum should be why should we hand our sovereinty over?

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Irretrievable defeat for a generation is starring us in the face

This has been one of my last blogged about general elections since I started blogging.

The reason is I've been much more closely involved in this one, to the extent that a lot of what has gone on via the media has passed me by. I've been involved in what seems to know be called the ground war.

I can confirm from conversations with voters that the Conservative use of the SNP was very effective, though the cost looks like being the Union. Of I hadn't left the Conservatives a few years ago I would have then. ( If you are still in the Conservative party I suggest you need to reflect on why it places the careers of a few trustafarians ahead of the nation. )

UKIP up 9.8% of the vote, the Conservatives only 0.8% , the policy of targeting 3 way marginals misfired die to the incredible media bias and the sacrifice the nation for victory Conservative strategy.

All well and good, but now we have recent events in UKIP. Many of us watching don't know what is fully going on. We can't trust the MSM who are in ecstasy over events are are rubbing as much salt into the wounds as it can.

Both apparent sides have issues, but they have also backed each other into a corner where one side will lose. And that lose can potentially be enough to cut UKIP's hamstrings .

On the verge of the referendum, which is a once in a political lifetime event. Cameron has gambled with two referendums and will fancy his chances now - regardless of what placebo concessions he tries to claim make a significant change.

This Mexican standoff need to end with one or both sides putting the cause of freedom ahead of whatever personal consequences they fear in backing down.

The alternative is the end of any hope of a sovereign United Kingdom.