Wednesday, May 06, 2015

In the end only UKIP wants to deliver

Don't get me wrong there are plenty of people who support the United Kingdom becoming a sovereign self governing nation against in the Conservative and even Labour, but only UKIP plans to deliver.

Five years ago I took two weeks to help the local Conservative association with the general election, thinking that the campaign against Brown was of key importance and of course expecting the cast iron guarantee to be derived by Cameron.

Well I've learnt my lesson and joined UKIP.

The Conservative leadership can't wait to get back into a closed cabinet room with Nick Clegg and the Lib Dems so they can insist that their beloved  EU being saved.

The BBC today is weighing in with its traditional bias - the Lib Dems get headline billing - UKIP get the Daily Mirror smear stunt ( yes the candidate concerned has been suspended ). The BBC don't use up all their interview time with other parties on their rogue candidates.

Only UKIP plans to deliver - every vote for UKIP will be counted and weighed up.

The more you vote UKIP the more you'll get UKIP.

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Conservatives urged to vote UKIP

Of course you can hear the panic at CCHQ towers. IDS is being dragged out to sound all scary - but here's the thing if the Conservatives actually mean what they say about a EU referendum then they have nothing to fear from UKIP. Indeed Cameron could have had a agreement before the election - he was offered one.

But of course many of us realise that Cameron is just offering another Cast Iron Guarantee ....

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Rochester and Strood

Perhaps the latest Conservative supporter poll is correct on Rochester and Stood, but I have strong reasons to question it.

1) This is part if the narrative the Conservatives have been trying to get rolling for a week now. That is UKIP support dipping - and of course going to them. When you see simultaneous articles appearing from multiple outlets with the same message its narrative broadcasting rather than polling. ( The dirty trick from a few days ago of misrepresenting which are UKIP target seats to sell the Conservative narrative is just the most recent but this one example. )
2) Even if the Conservatives win, they are no closer to power. With the current politics UKIP would only be likely to support a Conservative administration - in exchange for it delivering on its promise of a referendum on the EU + a guarantee it was fair and not stiched up. UNLESS of course the Conservatives don't really plan on forgoing that promise ( is it Cast Iron ) - in which case their warring resources on UKIP makes sense, but UKIP is shown t to have been right all along.
3) The reception I received there recently suggests to me very strong support not just for UKIP, but for Mark Reckless personally.

I guess we will see....

At least on person laments the failure of the fourth estate

I find myself agreeing with Peter Hitchens more often than not, and almost always being made to think by what he writes.

This Sundays article in the mail on Sunday is another one worth reading and thinking about.

Friday, April 24, 2015

So the Conservatives are Scottish (&Welsh) Nationalists but not English Nationalists right ?

Cameron is getting desperate. As evidence you should see the hastily cobbled together English Manifesto launched today.

In short its just an attempt to fool UKIP voters into thinking that #CastIronDave can be trusted, despite all the betrayals of the last 5 years.

But there is also the hypocrisy of the Conservative position. As the James Kirkup in the Daily Telegraph says "David Cameron is today adamant that the Tories are not English nationalists and will never back an English parliament."

Right - but the Conservatives do back the Scottish and soon to be renamed Welsh Parliaments ....

So by the same logic they must be Scottish Nationalists ( don't tell the SNP ).

So in trying to appeal to English voters the Conservatives have yet again insulted our country and our patriotic identity.

I guess we should be grateful that some ground has been ceded - but the depth of the hypocrisy is just staggering.

In truth this is David Cameron's Emily Thornberry English flag tweet moment - only the conspiracy against England amongst the fourth estate will prevent the damage.

Just remember this is yet another example of who and what Cameron and those who support him in the Conservative leadership really are.

They can never be trusted again.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Conservtaives are deliberately misleading people over the SNP - aided by the SNP

Did you know that your MP can vote after you return them to parliament and that England has far more MPs than Scotland ?

The Conservatives are hoping you don't figure this out ans they set up their Paper MacTiger argument about the SNP driving government.

You see - say the SNP threaten not to pass a budgetary motion on defence over their no UK Trident only US Trident stance. The SNP can only derail it by Conservative MPs voting against defence and Trident. How likely is that to happen - even with the quasi Marxist Modernised Conservative party ?

But its very useful for the strategists in CCHQ to pretend the SNP could block things like Trident - if Labour wanted to put them forward.

It shows that the Conservatives have abandoned a positive honest argument for their stance and are relying on deceit. Just as they have in the past when they allow the public to think that deficit and debt are the same thing or they refuse to explain where the money is coming from for their recent bribes promises.

I imagine we are going to get Sir John Major to try and twist his 24hrs to save the Union message ( which was true - but ignored ) into a 24 hrs to save Cameron and Osborne.

Voters should tajke this attempt at manipulation and subterfuge with the bucket load of salt it deserves and ask themselves why the Conservative party no longer argues for free markets, freedom and national defence any more.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Time's running out

Well we are heading for the last two weeks + of the campaign.

Things haven't gone well for Labour or the Conservatives as they haven't been able to get purchase on each other - indeed to a large extent they haven't tried.

Cameron must now be thinking about defeat - will the Conservative party really tolerate him if he doesn't deliver a majority ?

UKIP are fighting the dirty tricks squads of all sides, the inbuilt bias of the BBC and Channel 4. Also fighting hard to be heard - but take note getting better all the time.

The Conservative spin machine is trying to push the story that UKIP are on the back foot, in an attempt to make a self for filling narrative.

The media is campaigning rather than analysing. Spin is now the accepted replacement for politics - and the public switch off as a result.

You can't help but think we will be at this again in 6 months time.

PS Sorry its all a bit quiet - but I suspect you can figure out why ...

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Tony Blair confirms what many of us say about David Cameron

"And the oddest thing of all about David Cameron's position? The PM doesn't really believe we should leave Europe; not even the Europe as it is today," ( Though I note it's a what he will say quote - one of the more annoying things about today's journalism. OK I'm using it - but the subject is too important to ignore.)

Many of us explain to Conservative Eurosceptic friends exactly this point, but due to some sort of Stockholm syndrome they can't see it. ( I should know that included me once ).

Lets be clear either the EU does well in this election or the UK does.

Vote for UKIP is you want your country back from people like Blair and Cameron.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The retreat from freedom

I had meant to put a post about the new measures against "extremism" announced by Conservative leadership candidate home secretary Theresa May a few days ago.

In what sounds like the measures used against the IRA's cheerleaders in the 80s there are to be all sorts of arbitrary bans on extremist preachers ( by which they mean - to start with - Islamic preachers ). That just made the government of the day look stupid as the measures were easily circumvented.

I think its worth just noting what this is a retreat from.

It means that we are abandoning debate and the battle of ideas to reply instead on measures that the Chinese Communists or East Germans would have approved of.

We no longer hold freedom as our ideal, but something sinister called British Values.

Also we have created a system which will allow, just by adding a few words to the home secretary's British Value list, the arbitrary oppression of whole classes of people.

If you see the style of no-platform debate used by the left in Universities these days you'll realise how our future politicians will use these powers.

The Conservatives have created the instruments for our own oppression - and just for short term political gain.

There is a lack of courage and vision in those grabbing at the purple of Conservative party leadership as freedom lies bleeding out into the sand.