Monday, November 02, 2015

To argue that Trident is about jobs is to conceed the main issue without a debate

Here we go again.

Last time it was ship building and the white elephant carriers to be assembled in Rosyth as an economic bribe to keep Scotland in the Union.

Today's its the jobs at Faslane.

Do any of those trying to use the impending economic disruption of ending the location of the UK's nuclear deterrent on the Clyde not see that its the principled argument that needs to be won first, not an argument over supposed economic benefits of seeing defence as a government jobs creation scheme ?

Will no one make the case for:

1) A UK independent nuclear deterrent; and
2) That it should be Trident ?

Because if they don't the argument is already lost by the clowns lead by Cameron.

Sunday, November 01, 2015

The only question remaining is who is Labour selling us out to ?

On top of Jeremy Corbyn's statement that he won't use Trident even if I'm asked to keep it we have the Scottish branch of Labour voting against Trident but for the money to be taken from English working class taxpayers to bribe a few voters on the Clyde anyway.

In this world you either have a capable nuclear weapons system of you beg the protection of someone else - like Ukraine did when they foolishly took the assurances of the UK, US and Russia that in exchange for surrendering its legacy Soviet weapons cache.

Of course as the Ukraine found out not actually having the weapons means you reply in other being willing to trade their cities for your territorial integrity ... which in the final analysis almost no power - including the US - will do. ( This is the point of an independent nuclear deterrent folks. )

Who will we have to beg to protect us once Labour are in power ?

Putin and Russia ?
The EU and France ?
The US ( implied if you stay in NATO )?
Chine ?
India ?
( I assume even Labour aren't insane enough to think North Korea or Iran will do ? )

In the old cold war days when Corbyn was giving hope and encouragement to those trying to kill UK citizens and murder police men and soldiers in North Ireland - the role of the nuclear disarmament brigade was to deliver the KGB objectives, perhaps the betrayal to the IRA was also.

We all knew it - but which of our enemies is Labour trying to sell us out to this time ?

Friday, October 23, 2015

Labour created two classes of MP

So EVEL has passed, I give it a guarded welcome as a milestone on the route to an English Parliament and devolved government.

But just let me answer Labour's pathetic and anglophobic whining - there have been two classes of MP ever since devolution to Scotland and Wales. It is just double speak to try to claim its happening now.

Yes EVEL's a dogs breakfast, but that's how the current political elite treat England.

I look forward to the day England is offered equality of respect to Scotland and Wales, but EVEL is a start. Labour should stop compalining about the process they started and forced on the UK.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Climate fantasy costs jobs

The disaster unfolding in the UK Steel industry - and soon knock on manufacturing - has two main causes.

1) Extra expensive energy due to the selfish green fantasies of our ruling classes and the climate change fear program.

2) EU constraints and the removal of control over our own trade policy.

And David Cameron and George Osborne are on the wrong side of both of these policies.

By irony the Chinese President is here today to watch the UK prostrate itself in the hope of a bit more business for its banks and Universities.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Labour can be in NATO and have Nucelar weopons or surrender with Corbyn and its time to decide

Well that's done it. I don't think the media has fully realise what Jeremy Corbyn has just done - because I haven't heard it from any of the commentators yet.

Here's the thing the UK holds nuclear weapons as a deterrent against Nuclear attack or Nuclear black mail by other states or actors.

That deterrent only works if your enemies think you'll use it.

Its quite clear that if the phone rang and the chief of the defence staff phoned Prime Minister Corby to say a nation had launched a massive nuclear attack against the UK that Mr Corbyn wouldn't authorise a reprisal. ( Or at least the attacker could reasonably expect this ).

That means Trident is useless if Corbuyn is PM - regardless of if you renew it or keep it. The Labour party can pretend otherwise and I'm sure some of the cowardly New Labour types will try to do this.

Also ... NATO is a Nuclear Alliance. France and the United States back every other member with their Nuclear weapons - as currently does the UK. If a Corbyn administration won't use the UK's few where the morality on relying on the US to use theirs and trade US Cities defending UK cities ? Are US Trident submarines more moral than UK ones ?

Clearly Corbyn can't stay in NATO.

There are plenty of people in Labour who said they were committed to NATO and the UK's nuclear deterrent. There is almost no more important policy.

Those people must now either depose Corbyn or leave Labour, and if they want to avoid looking like Claire Short then they don't have much time to decide in.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

If Corbyn wins then politics will change

Since its been summer I've been keeping away from much of the news, so have only heard second hand accounts of Jeremy Corbyn.

Many of those are dire predictions of this  or that ( resignations, coups, years in the wilderness etc). Almost all of them, I would venture, will be wrong.

Since the Conservative party abandoned defending principle under Cameron, it has also given up educating the electorate. This has left a window of opportunity for the left to propose a radical agenda and be able to rely on the electorate nativity and ignorance to give it a chance. The left were clearly inspired by Syriaza in Greece - though as with all left wing projects the outcome has not been good for the people.

So here are my predictions:

1) Corbyn will shore up Labour's hemorrhaging of support to UKIP ( unless he does so really stupid things with his friends in the IRA, HAMAS, ISIL etc that call into question his patriotism ). The working class's beef has been with career politicians and New Labour types.
2) The EU referendum is now wide open - whilst the establishment will try to tie Labour into the UK surrender part group - Corbyn may allow a free vote or even commit against the EU.
3) The US will be alarmed - very alarmed ( or at least those not working for the direct political team of the current administration will be - as lets face it they are working against the US also ).
4) The Lib Dems have their life raft - if their poll numbers pick up they could get some defections from Labour.
5) Most of the Labour party will shortly go through its Stockholm process with the new hard left/Union administration and go native. Socialists are all about suspending the power of thought and following the dear leader - they will fall into line.
6) Finally the right will realise its needs to defend capitalism rather than just triangulate to fool weak minded voters with tip bits of left wing policies.

Any more ? ( Or will it be Yvette ? )

Thursday, September 10, 2015

The BBC needs to get over the Labour leadership contest.

Now I know all those left wing bigots at the BBC are very anxious about about the Labour party leadership election, but they need to try and hide their concern and bias a bit better than they have managed today.
After all they need to con the Conservatives into renewing their charter....

Monday, August 31, 2015

What the number of UKIP peers appointed tells you about Cameron if you are still a Conservative

Natural justice required that a number of UKIP peers be appointed , along with the other opposition peers.

Remember David Cameron's clearly false protestations about only wanting a pre-election debate if the Greens were invited. Suddenly its all naked power politics and no principle.

Well if you have been a Conservative and you are one of those who is still labouring under the delusion that David Cameron is actually 'negotiating' on the EU for 'a better deal' then there just no place to hide from your naked gullibility.

The man's a rat- the the new peers list shows it quite clearly.

The Conservative party is lost and quite frankly those who still are members who don't support the EU superstate project and wilfully deceiving themselves.

PS Back from my Summer break.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Airport VAT rip off ? What about ISAs and Pensions then ?

Its Summer and the government has to play the headlines. A bit of obvious popularism has arisen in that air side shops in airports get VAT of their shopping, but charge customers similar or the same prices anyway. Hence the tax break doesn't get passed on to the consumer.

Conservative ministers are making a great song and dance of  instructing retailers to pass on the break ( did that knock Calais out of the headlines for a bit - great ).

But what about the tax breaks for ISAs and Pensions taht seem to just subsadise poor perforance by banks and finaicial instituions ?

I guess George won't be so keen on dealing with those ....