Thursday, October 30, 2014

Labour wipe out

So finally the consequences of Labours plans to fan the flames of nationalism, anti English bigotry, and grievance in Scotland are coming home to roost.

There's an opinion poll this evening that represents near wipe out for labour in Scotland. Indeed not on a scale seen since Labour and the Lib Dems decide to push the Scottish constitutional convention and the sinister and notorious Scottish claim of right to wipe the Tories out.

What goes around seems to come around.

This may be terminal for Labour, or perhaps just Ed Miliband. ( There is a school of thought that thinks the circumstances are being engineered to drop Ed. )

But whatever the truth of the plots and rumours of anyone cares to save the union they are going to need a better plan than the current devolution mess and hope for the best.

And let's not forget thus is the result of Labours willful vandalism if what was once called out nation.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Labour, in Scotland, are a hollowed out Oak tree

For those who still support the Union the signs that Labour are heading for a major collapse in Scotland are hard the welcome. ( Though many of us will never be able to supress a smile when Labour's chicken come home to roast as they have with the Union busting anti-English devolution settlement Labour have forced on our joint nation ).

The truth is Labour have been dying in Scotland for quite some time, in part aided by the fact that as a Unionist party Labour sent is talent to Westminster not Holyrood.

The boost in SNP membership and the decline in Labours combined with the loss of hinterland that proportional representation has created in local Scottish government and now in the Scottish Parliament has been deeply damaging to Labour. So has the insane fight to be left wing between just about everyone except UKIP and the sad rump of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist party.

Labour has been hollowed out for many years, starting in the days of John Major.

Now, with the reignation of their figure head leader in Scotland, the whole partty looks like being on the verge of collapse.

Its hard to see Labour in Scotland as having a future, and many young Scots who are drawn to power and public spending will be drawn to the SNP not Labour. Especially as Scottish Labour isn't really Unionist in that many of its key members signed the separatist Scottish Claim of Right.

Labour is close to collapse, and so too in the Union between England and Scotland.

It will take real leadership to reverse this one - not dictatorship under Gordon Brown.

Friday, October 10, 2014

The first steps

Congratulations to the people of Clacton for keeping one of the best MPs in Westminster and the bonus of getting the first UKIP MP elected to Parliament.

I saw Tim Aker on the TV talking about Essex going Purple, and I think he may well be shown to be right.

The people of Essex form a collective opinion about our politicians. They loved Maggie, they lost faith in John Major. They really hated Brown, but that hasn't persuaded them to embrace Cameron.

Essex is the place of revolutions and revolts from Watt Tyler, the Roundheads, and even the Thatcherites. Being on the wrong side of Essex opinion is bad for your political health - just ask Neil Kinnock about Basildon.

And significant areas of Essex are lining up behind UKIP.

Now there's going to be trouble .....

Friday, September 19, 2014

And now for England

It's time for an English parliament. Labour want to Balkanise England because they think they can't win here ( I think they are wrong, they would just have to listen to the people of England and put forward English Labour policies - which after all is the point ! ).

We need to push now for an English Parliament.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

We are better off together !

The truth is we are more together than we are as the sum of our parts.

It has disappointed me that the positive aspects of Britain - including what the Welsh, English and Irish bring to our joint nation has been underplayed in the fascist blood and soil arguments of the SNP and the sometimes negative response of the No campaign.

For 300 years we've had each other backs and until the irresponsible disaster of devolution have had proud identities but shared values and friendships.

Its worth Scots fighting to put right what is wrong, not retreating to isolationism and the just surrendering all key aspects of their lives to the EU superstate. ( Who do you think will handle the current Scottish Banking crisis with more sympathy - Frankfurt or London ? Remember it primarily the English who have paid for and saved the Scottish banks - and without complaint ).

There will need to be some re balancing of the UK to provide the Justice that England has been denied and the likes of the Lib Dems still want to deny us with their anti-English Balkanisation policy, but that can be sorted with our famous pragmatism and some generosity.

Vote to stay, vote to stay British, vote to stay family and friends, Vote No to Alex Salmond's isolationist and separatist vision.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Letting down our forefathers

If our forefathers who had just saved the world, again, in the the 1940'sccould see the utter shambles of the defence of Britain as shown by the non entities who are Clegg, Cameron & Miliband they would weep. It is perhaps best that many of them have never lived to see this day. The betrayal of our history is almost too much to contemplate.

But tomorrow the seed of separatism and hate sowed by Labour and the Lib Dems in the 1990s may just bear the ultimate bitter fruit of separation of our nation. ( A point that most commentators don't even try to defend as they talk only of the Scottish nation ).

I understand why the SNP make their case, but not how they have been allowed to get away with such a weak and ultimately negative prospectus.

As I've already stated I'm very critical of the "No" campaign from the botched advantages seeded to Salmond to the negative combination of separatist bribes and threats.

You may have noticed that I'm an English Nationalist also, but England has a big heart. We were happy to more than share democracy with each of our fellow citizens from where ever in the UK they lived. Nobody was undeserving of help just because they were Welsh, Irish, or Scottish. But then came the betrayal of the Labour/Lib Dem separatism agenda and the anti English devolution settlement.

England will need its say now, because the UK has already separated. I fear that the same idiots who have botched the defence of the UK will sell England out with the Balkanisation program that those who think England doesn't deserve its democratic rights will push.

The wind has been sown in Scotland and tomorrow those who did it may reap the whirlwind. Many of us will suffer if that happens.

If I was Scottish I'd vote No - but then I'd want just one Parliament for all the UK. We could go back to the British settlement the English have been willing to fund with reduced democratic representation for our people and our money. But I fear the real choice tomorrow will be between Yes Now and Yes a bit latter on.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Britian has been forgotten

Based on what I've been hearing over the last two years there is one subject that has just been missing from the Scottish Residents Only Yes-No referendum, and that's Britain itself.

The Yes side make a Scottish exceptional ism / Brave heart type argument - combined with a spin operation designed to say the 180degr opposite of what anyone pointing out the problems says.

The No side sows fear and argues about how much Scots can get out of the UK and what Scotland might stand to lose.

None argue or consider what this means to the Welsh, Irish and English .

Scots who claim their deep passion for social justice drives their desire for divorce, also by definition are arguing that the sort of people they care about outside Scotland don't count. ( Now I don't by into their government solutions argument - but I'm looking at things int heir own terms ).

The No side argue about how much more can be gained for Scotland by using the rest of the UK to underwrite Scotland's risks.

A marriage argued about in these terms is one that's in deep trouble.

A few weeks ago, for the first time anyone can remember, the Scotland 7 aside team was booed in England. People in the UK outside Scotland have noticed the greed and selfishness of those in Scotland.

Its unlikely to be forgotten quickly.

Monday, September 08, 2014

Gordon Brown offers Scotland extra special democracy with England paying the price

If there's one man who can make most Englishmen vote for Scottish independence its Gordon Brown. Alex Salmond should have insisted on a UK wide poll ;-)

Devo max should required England, Wales & Northern Ireland's consent also

I can understand the argument for independence being a choice solely for the Scottish people, though I disagree with how those people have been defined ignoring over 800,000 Scots living legally and patriotically in what is until 18th Sept their country not getting the vote is an affront to decency and democracy.

However Dev Max impacts us all. No doubt the new Scottish administration will be able to borrow money - and we all know that means they will ( calling wilful wasteful spending on welfare dependency  investment, a trick learnt from Gordon Brown ). England will underwrite the reckless gambles taken by the more socialist than though junta in Edinburgh.

But here we see the weakness in Westminster politics - no one speaks for England.