Saturday, May 21, 2016

George Osborne tries to weoponise his housing bubble

Another day another threat from #ProjectFear.

Today's attempt to steal our country away from us with threats and bullying is being made by George Osborne - he of zero useful life experience and who had never had a proper job in his life ( but when you have trust funds you don't need one ) before his chum made him Chancellor of the Exchequer.

He says house prices might drop if we get to write our own laws, live in freedom and have our democracy back and that therefore we must stay enslaved to the EU.

Of course the high level of house prices is a scandal. The normal correction was stopped in the banking crisis by George printing money to protect those, like him, who are rich and have large numbers of assets and who didn't want their value to drop.

I hear from everyone under 35 that getting on the housing ladder is now next to impossible. Even the young Labour Stalinists complain ( yes they are confused ).

George has been keeping his housing asset bubble going with outrageous state guarantees of other peoples mortgages.

When interest rates go up, the bubble will burst.

He used the bubble to help the Conservative vote stay static in the 2015 general election ( yes folks the Conservatives didn't do well - despite the story you are fed in the media. Their vote only went up by 1% ).

So George, in true EU style, plans not to let a good crisis go to waste - even if he was responsible for it.

Today we hear Brexit will be bad for house prices ... Well here's the thing George - the future will be bad for house prices because those at the bottom can't afford the asking price.

And George Osborne is the person who is responsible for this.

PS Vote Leave's response is just not aggressive and clear enough here. Just a rebuttal won't do it guys, you must sharpen up.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

The corruption at the heart of Cameron's Remain campaign

As well as the utter dishonesty of Cameron's various renegotiation positions on the EU we are now getting treated to the abuse of power.

The 9 million pounds on extremist Remain propaganda issued at the expense of the taxpayer was terrible and deeply shameful.

The social media spend to cheat by adding extra spending to the remain campaign, again tax payer funded was also deeply disgraceful.

But now a Conservative MP is accusing Cameron of pulling manifesto legislation to earn favour with the Unions that they are paying back with cash for the Labour Remain Campaign.

See Guido's report here...

Of course the #BBC is avoiding this issue ...

Friday, March 11, 2016

A Turkish EU question

So we are paying Turkey an extra £500million ( UK contribution to the EU billions of bribe money ) to take back illegal immigrants, and in exchange the EU will take the same number of Syrian refugees and Turkey gets free movement for it people inside the EU in exchange.

Now - what is to stop Turkey giving citizenship to those illegal immigrants it just took back and then they have the legal right to travel to the EU anyway ?

Surely the EU hasn't been that dumb has it ?

Friday, March 04, 2016

#ProjectFear gets its comeuppance

This is fun - watch one of the Remainian careerist creeps squirm as the despicable #ProjectFear is taken apart on TV.

He deserves every bit of this humiliation.

Selling the people short by using Fear instead of reasoned argument, especially from tax payer funded propaganda is unforgivable.

He says he cares deeply - just about himself and his career it seems.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Cameron's fake campaign is using people

David Cameron's campaign against UK sovereignty and for the EU superstate has a sinister edge to it.

He's using big business to provide fake back drops for his Blair s style campaign. Workers who are being paid for their time have to watch and be part of the camera shot.

What about the rights of these people Cameron and his PR spives are using ?

Again the false prospectus is advanced.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Tory Eurosceptics need to raise their game and perhaps be more collegate

Well today didn't go well.

Cameron, who no doubt has a media board full of announcements and fear inducing lies and smears, has dominated his former friends today.

Gove made a school boy error in attacking the legality of the no entity deal Cameron claims has changed everything and we all know isn't worth the paper its written on.

Who cares if it gets implemented - its useless anyway ! Its purpose is to distract the debate from the EU superstate supporters weak points.

Gove might be technically right - but we already know the anti-UK campaign will just lie to the camera and microphone. They don't care and have no moral compass . What he's done is make a worthless deal look like something worth arguing the technicalities of.

The underlying problem is that those who have been loyal to the government till recently need to understand it plans to destroy them and our country.

Its time to tool up and start stabbing at the heart of the EU superstate campaign.

The Tory eurosceptic minister need a bit of humility and to tie in with the Leave campaign. They could do a good start by forcing The Leave campaign to talk seriously to all the others.

Monday, February 22, 2016

The facts of life are catching up on the Conservative party

Things are turning nasty. Cameron ( anyone in a rich bank or international body like the EU have a job going for this still young man when he steps down after having no more interest in politics ? ) has turned on Boris.

Maquess of Queensbury rules aren't in play here. Bris vs Cameron is looking like a blood sport.

The shield of waiting for Cameron's fake renegotiation - the only role of which seems to be to help people forget what he originally said he wanted and that he promised to campaign for out if he didn't get it  - has gone.

Conservatives are going to start politely, but the gloves will come off when very quickly.

After all it the very existence of the nation that's at stake.

Cameron and the bankers backing the EU superstate vs those who love their country and value its democracy and sovereignty, which includes the majority of the Conservative party.

There's no way this ends well for the Conservative party.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Michael Gove: spot on if you leave out the Cameron grovelling stuff