Thursday, September 15, 2016

Comment is over

Its been noticeable for a while that the Daily telegraph has been cutting back on the comments it allows, and now has pretty much given up on them. ( Instead simple polls are offered, perhaps to allow the DT to profile its readership more accurately).

Damian Thompson write a charming attack on the "underpant" comment warriors, using the sort of vitriol he normally reserves for the Church of England.

Of course the professional journalists never liked the access to publishing the internet has brought, and for understandable reasons resent those who do for free what they need to be paid for. They have never liked the whole blog thing - and despair of those who repute their articles and use twitter.

Also the establishment is seriously spooked by the refusal of much the unwashed to do what they are dam well told on things like Brexit.

Clearly they all would like the ability for networks to form outside their control to stop and for the MSM gatekeepers on knowledge, news and the official truth to be restored to power.

Well its unlikely to happen, unless there's a whole lot of oppressive legislation coming. Now the EU has some of that on the way and Europol looks like it will enforce it.

But we are going to be out of that aren't we ?

What all this means, baring any crackdowns, is that blogs may have their second time in the sun. ( No pun intended Mr Murdoch ).

I'd better get back to work...

PS What on earth is being done to the Daily Telegraph - are they deliberately trying to go out of business ?

Friday, September 09, 2016

Is Theresa May trying to crash her government ?

When I first heard about the Grammar school proposal I was amused as the photographed document on the way into No10 is clearly a plant, and it shows the political skills of getting two bites of the media cherry for a policy.

I'm broadly in favour of more Grammar schools, but wonder if it isn't a further attempt to steal UKIP's clothes by a Conservative party who seems much more concerned about UKIP than it is Labour.

However, a further question has to be asked. Is Theresa trying to destroy her government, as a way of saving the EU's dominion over the United Kingdom ?

She's made a lot of enemies very quickly. The Toffs won't have liked their butchering in her reshuffle, and in case that didn't work attacking independent schools where they and their children attend today will reinforce the message. The hardened anti-UK re-moaners ( and there are plenty of them in what is laughingly called the Conservative party ) hate her for not allowing their more obvious schemes to destroy the Brexit mandate.

You can be sure that Grammar schools guarantees an almighty fight. Education failure and the destruction of life chances of middle class children is the dream and prime objective of the British left, along with the humiliation and extermination of our culture and Christian heritage. Its what gets them out of bed in the morning.

You can be sure the BBC will go nuts on this, its about the only thing that could force Brexit of the news cycle ( now there's a thought ...  and a motive).

But here's the problem - Theresa only has a narrow majority of a split party where she has just humiliated the former ruling faction. Not a formula for political success right ?

Is she really trying to sabotage her own government, knowing that its fall will save her beloved European Union ? Or is she trying to engineer an early general election given the Corbyn is likely to still be leading Labour ?Just a thought ...

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

What if they succeed in over turning the Brexit vote ?

Only the very naive would deny that right now the EU favouring Elite is trying to figure out if it can get away with over turning the referendum vote.

Just in case you are reading this many years from now I'll list a few of the excuses, but really you just need to listen to the BBC at any time to have a stream of them pumped into your stream of consciousness.

1) Its no fair !
2) Unwashed people and poor people voted a way we told them not to. They are too thick and sub human to be allowed to vote.
3) Old people voted a way we told them not to. They are too thick and sub human and old to be allowed to vote
4) If we had another referendum the result might be one we like more.
5) It was an advisory referendum anyway - so we can just change it.

There loads more being dreamt up by Lawyers suddenly wanting to point out how tied into the EU our law is and that it might be somehow illegal to ever leave.

Those who are determined to overcome the referendum have a chance of succeeding as they have most of the power in our society.

Those of us who voted against the instructions of our government, various ( though not all ) trade unions, various left wing political parties, the BBC ( you know which way all their staff vote don't you ), the Guardian, the courts - we don't count.

Not even, according to the elite - if they over turn the result, our votes would count.

In the end it would be the extinction event for democracy in the United Kingdom. Oh an essentially ceremonial pretend form would be there to fool the unwary, but we will all know that when push comes to shove the elite will always get their way.

No one will be able to argue for campaigning for an outcome and using democracy if it is opposed by the elite.

The evidence would stair us back in the face every time. "Remember 2016"would be the refrain.

How else do people dispute injustice if not through democracy ?

If the elite have their way we will find out.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Project Regret

A lot of effort is beeing put into trying to reverse the referendum result. Remain media outlets are doing there best to help, esp the BBC - free now to revert to its bias.

You can see what is being done.

Oddly our only hope may be an EU crisis that makes getting us back in impossible.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

They are going to try and steel the referendum and take our country away for ever.

Its quite clear that the elite aren't going to stand for the referendum vote.

The BBC and MSM are busy putting out the meme that everyone's changing their minds.

They will wait till things get difficult, then offer their second confirming referendum.

This will be the death of democracy in Britain if they are allowed to get away with it.

PS In the real world ...

Source Sunday Mirror.

Don't let the elite steal the result

Take a look at @NCPoliticsEU's Tweet:

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Vote Leave or just give up on the United Kingdom

Been a bit busy of late doing what they call the ground war in politics.

But I can't let the referendum date pass without saying I will vote Leave and I strongly recommend you do also.

In the absence of much time ( I have to be up in a few hours to start the final fight I leave you with Toby - above ).

Don't succumb to the Fear - let hope win and we can all be free again.

Vote Leave

Thursday, June 16, 2016

And when the Euro-Police and Euro-Border guards cross over from Spain what will Gibraltar do ?

David Cameron is in Gibraltar today and will no doubt be handing out more of his opportunists like being Turkey's strongest advocate, and planning the road from Brussels to Ankara.

But what those eager to vote Remain need to consider is what they think will happen when the new Euro-Police officers and EU border guards cross over from Spain. They will be immune to prosection and can extradited anyone without trial.

Still keen on the EU superstate ?

Vote Leave or just accept it's the end of your freedom.