Saturday, August 30, 2014

Things are looking up for England but worrying for Scotland

First the good news

But from Scotland as the Nat hate campaign gets out of hand even forcing Labour politicians to stop there democratic right to campaign ;n police safety advice things look terrible. ( And the polls make grim reading for Unionists who might soon wake up in an alien country run by the thugs who are driving politicians of the streets ).

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Summer with no silly seaon

I seem to have got out of the habit of blogging this summer.

But then its not the only anomoly this summer:

Instead of a silly season we're having are rather serrious one.

In the Ukraine the twin functionalities of an expansionist and irresponsible European Union is meeting the intransigence of the Putin run Russia. In cold war days there would ahve been no tins of baked beans left int he supermarkets and everyone would have been sending their families to stay with normally ignored relatives away from key cities and military targets for nuclear attack. We all seam much calmer, but perhaps we are fooling ourselves.

In Syria those of us who worried that backing those ranged against the mad and bad Assad regime for fear of the Islamic Jihad Demons who might replace him have been rpoven right - with the shocking invasion of Iraq. The failure to protect the long standing Christian population tells us all we should already have understood about Cameron and Obama. It was only when another religious minority was publicised as being attacked that these failed leaders did anything.

Lets not forget the latest round in the Hamas vs Israel war. Reports have leaked to show how much the western media was intimidated and manipulated by the same evil extremist ideology that murders it was across parts of Syria and Iraq right now.

And to top it all a major volcanic eruptions is likely in Iceland ( one geological report I saw mentioned a Laki - I hope just to suggest a small fissure type eruption - because if its a rerun of Laki then we are all in a lot of trouble ).

Nothing silly happening at all - just the potentially terrifying ....

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Red Ed's plan to devalue Parliament and bypass the Opposition

The authoritarian instinct of Red Ed Miliband were on show today - when he laid an elephant trap for UK democracy with his proposal to allow the public to question the PM.

Such theatre would compete with PMQs, and help bypass MPs and especially the official opposition.

After all it was Tony Blair who abolished twice weekly PMQs - Miliband is just working out how to rig the system to his advantage ( maybe a ban on bacon sandwiches will be next ).

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The evil being committed against Christians in Iraq

Short of time today.... but its time to start agitating about the Evil committed by ISIS followers

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Would Cameron resign if defeated in 2015 ?

I ask as one possible expatiation for the Give demotion is to have a tight grip on the troops to survive a defeat.

After all Cameron has left it be understood he won't go if Scotland leaves the union. Why should a general election defeat stop his career ?

Another possible view is that Give and Hague are now available as super subs if the LibDems decide to leave the coalition.

Any other ideas of what's going on ?

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Saving the taxpayers money by killing people faster and more efficiently

Normally I'd be all for the moral argument on assisted dying, and for the record I'm against on a religious precautionary principle.

However, we should also recognise that Lord Falconer's bill would set up the basis for saving the NHS and therefore the taxpayer ( the major contribution from which are from a rich minority ) a great deal of money.

its your last few days that cost all the money in the NHS - or at least the last phases of an acute illness.

get people to be bumped of by an increasingly amoral medical establishment would save a great deal of money.

Remember one of the reason we have waves of immigrants into Europe is to keep our health services running with an ageing population profile. And immigration can't carry on forever at current rates.

Those with the money have a real big interest in cutting costs.

Just saying ...

Sunday, July 06, 2014

What did the Whips know ?

The allegations now surfacing about the behaviour of some Westminster MPs and the possible cover up will impact one group of people specifically - the Whips of all the main parties.

They will have tried to deal with scandal the quiet way and keep things under their hat ( sometimes to be used to ensure future loyalty ).

So let me ask "What did the Whips know ?".

Of course they won't pay any attention to me - but if there is a campaigning journalist out there who wants to push the cause of justice - why no follow that line on inquiry ?

Monday, June 30, 2014

Junckered - but who being fooled ?

So at one level - we have #CastIronDave making a charge of the light brigade quixotic gesture to stop Mr Juncker being confirmed as the President of the European commission.

Clearly CCHQ is hoping that Eurosceptics will admire how robust and forth right David Cameron is for the UK's interests when he has no hope of achieving those ends ( and so isn't risking dmagaging the European Union one bit. )

Its clearly the Conservative party line as other cabinet ministers have been spouting off about it.

Behind the scenes the Conservtive party is dong all it can to spike UKIP's guns. In the EU this has included collaborating with the AfD and other parties that are logically close allies of UKIP - solely to try to make UKIP's position more difficult.

They are campaigning in seats that UKIP might target ( see here ) rather than against Labour.

People who know Cameron, like the Polish Prime minister, assume he's just faking the Eurospectic line to cut off the oxygen from the genuine Eurosceptics.

Personally I thinnk Dave has form on this and its the most likely explaination of his rather odd behaviour. Its all to fool Euroscpetic votes again ...

Are you ready to be fooled again, or will you be voting UKIP ?

Friday, June 27, 2014

Where we are heading

So are we finally coming to a choice as the Europhile # EULite option seems off the table !