Thursday, June 06, 2019

As things unwrap

It may be that terminal damage has already been done to the Conservative party and the stall they are in is unrecoverable.

There is an assumption that Boris will be elected and then the leavers will return. But that may not happen as :

1) Boris will assume he has a mate u
In all cases Brexiters will not forgive the Conservative party

Theresa May may soon no longer be at the controls, but perhaps the damage is done.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

On the edge

Those who have passed the selection criteria to become MPs look like they are planning on rebelling against democracy.

It looks like they are willing to stand on manifestos that day one thing then do the exact opposite when elected. ( 80% of those elected to partially did so on manifestos permitting Brexit - including leaving both the customs Union and single market. )

All in the name of almost preferring making our country a slave region of the anti-national and anti-democratic European Union.

I doubt their will be rioting in the streets. But there will be consequences - and they will be long lasting and some of them will be unexpected.

Imagine a blank swan event like to London Riots ( how quickly we have forgotten them ). Or the fuel protests. Next time the majority of the population will have a deep seated hatred of elite and establishment and could side en mass with whatever passes as the rebellion.

How have the elite managed to keep control ? By having control over the selection process of MPs - of all parties.  The elite links with the legal establishment have been key here, as have the links with finance. Both those protected professions should expect trouble in a occupied Britain.

By the way I think if the EU has any legal hold over the UK after March 29 th then we should start talking about an occupation and those who impotent that as collaborators.

The elite think they have an option to put us plebs back in our box and cancel Brexit. It is a dangerous error of judgement.

We stand on the edge of a whole load of trouble.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Boycott should be considered

In today's Sunday Mail there is a story that civil servants are 'wargaming' a second referendum. Though judging by the story they seem to be wargaming how to achieve a particular result.

A lot of thought has gone into creating the current mess and impasse that is being used to try to sabotage Brexit.

And a lot of thought ( by many in paid employment using their opinion groups, focus groups and marketing talents paid for by shadowy foreign powers ) has gone into a second referendum, by those for which this is a mechanism to stop the UK regaining its independence.

Its time that those who still love our country and what it to have a future, and thought we had secured that future on June 23rd 2016, started thinking through what we will do if we are presented with the standard EU solution to keep voting until the 'right' result can be obtained.

We should consider boycotting the whole process.

The EU side has been rolling the pitch for this punishment vote for quite some time. Editors of national newspapers have been replaced. Those who donated to the Leave referendum have been punished by HM Treasury, those who lead the Remain campaign honoured.

In truth no one will accept any more referendi on this issue unless significant time has passed and what was voted for the first time has had a chance to be enacted.

The punishment referendum ( please lets stop using the focus group cooked up terms the rich elite has paid to deceive people with ) would be the end of democracy as a way to achieve anything in our country. The next step for patriots has to be, in those circumstances, to make the case that what we are being subjected to is a sham - where we lose every time, and the days of being passive trusting subjects who trust in a cross on a bit of paper can achieve anything that goes against the will of the powerful ruling elite will be over.

Its time to at least start thinking about how to act in those circumstances, perhaps doing a bit of 'wargaming' of our own.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Rule by consent is getting dangerously thin

I don't know if you have been following the new on the arrest and subsequent imprisoning of Tommy Robinson, but it looks bad.

There are cases made for why Tommy Robinson deserves what has happened - and these have been made only today as reporting restriction have been lifted - see The Secret Barrister, who sadly ruins their case with their thinly veiled bigotry.

But equally there are very disturbing elements to this case. The police look bad, the courts look bad. The idea that the police are targeting individuals to silence them is now an accepted opinion in a far larger part of the population than many comfortable middle class liberals appreciate. ( The online petition to free Tommy Robinson is now just short of half a million signatures).

Every time people here that diversity is more important than the massacre with knives on our streets - support for the establishment drops. What you say - no one is saying that ? We'll you need to consider that is what people are hearing. Think of today's announcement about cyclists in London being too middle class and white ( pretty much the same type of announcement gets in the headlines on what seems like every day, all year - with just the category being targeted changed ).

Maybe by diversity the people who make pronouncements mean inclusion and evidence of fair life chances playing out, but what many are hearing is racist anti-white anti-male relentless bigotry that targets them personally.

And all this is before we get to the wilful refusal to implement Brexit by the ruling elite.

The police are losing their support, the state is losing legitimacy, and rule of law may not much longer enjoying common support from the people.

I don't know how much of this is appreciated by middle class Guardian readers, but they would do well to try to understand - because this sort of disengagement could lead to very sudden and painful realignment.

Liberals take Robert Peston as your example- don't wait to be ashamed of being out of touch with millions of people because you live in your own cosy bubble.

The generous of England has been to adjust and adapt, not to let the fabric of society snap. Lets keep that going...

Monday, January 01, 2018

It was always about Freedom

The #Remoaner attempts to reverse and redefine the UK's secession from the European Union have been constant, aggressive and very well financed.

The initial tactics were the usual delegitimatising ones - specifically the knee jerk attempt to use racism and to misrepresent one line used on a bus as an excuse for saying the referendum was under false pretences. ( There is a mountain of material that shows various figures here - debates on Net vs Gross and the usual spectrum of views all aired during the referendum which shows this to be a weak and pointless argument. But of course its purpose isn't to win by logic but to give emotionally challenged Remainers and excuse to turn anti-democratic 5th columnist for the EU ).

We had the attempts to lie about what was said about the Single Market and Customs Union. This smear campaign carried on even after video evidence of both Remain and leave campaigners stating that we would do so.

Any of course there has been all the elite bigoted hate used against those who vote to get their country back. 

Who knows in 2018 will deliver - the elite has no shame and no conscience. They will try to get away with everything they can. But the one thing they are determined not to do is learn.

For the first time in years I purchased the Christmas edition of The Economist. I had been a subscriber for about 25 years, but cancelled when the utter bias and brain-dead bigotry of that magazine against the United Kingdom and it's right to have a functioning democracy became unbearable.

In this edition there is an interesting article on Deep Springs University in the US - where students have to work as well as study. What they find is giving responsibility to students changes their atrtitudes. They run the University also - and are inherently more mature ( and conservative ) as a result.

It doesn't occur to The Economist that the same principles apply to nations. A nation denied the responsibility of self government becomes infantalised and loses its self confidence.

As Charles Moore put it in the Telegraph on 30th Dec
    One purpose of the European Union is to ensure that it makes little difference who runs the government of a member state: the real power is elsewhere. Remainers like that. Leavers don’t.
Taking back control was always the most powerful message and mission of the Leave campaign, and whilst the revitalising of Parliament is giving #Remoaners the ironic opportunity to use that power to destroy our freedom and country it doesn't remove the fundamental point of the Leave patriots.

It has always been about freedom - and the beneficial effect it has on our society.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

So are we there yet ?

So lets see what has changed since Paris ?

I'm thinking not a lot, and certainly not enough.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

This isn't going to go well

Oh dear, it seems Theresa May is really Ed Miliband in disguise. ( See "Conservative" manifesto for details. )

No wonder so much Conservative effort has been put into trying to kill UKIP off, they are trying to close the escape hatch for their principles free market, pro-freedom leaning membership.

I doubt it will work.

Also as Theresa heads left its worth remembering she's just blazing the trail for the even more left wing Labour govt that will one day replace the Conservatives.One day they will thank her for all the concessions and push further towards the socialist disaster they so fervently wish to deliver us all to.

PS Blogging very light to to real politics at ground level - it takes up a lot of time. I'm still tweeting away though.

I suspect there will be much to blog about as the real Theresa May makes herself known ...

Sunday, February 12, 2017

If the Lords castrate the United Kingdom's Brexit negations then there will be dire repercussions

The moronic Lib Dems who can't see the utter disaster they are demanding - that the EU be incentivised to punish the UK and do as much harm to the British people as possible as a way to bully them into recanting on Brexit - which is the inevitable result of having a late deal vs No-Brexit  vote on Brexit in two years time.

Why would the EU negotiate in good faith when they can guarantee a win with bad faith ?

Why  do the Lib Dems hate their own country and the people so much ? Why do they insist on setting up negotiations by undermining their own country ?

I guess we will see what the Lords come up with - but be under no illusion there will be a reckoning for all this if we are betrayed.

PS For those who still want to be an insignificant part of the EU superstate the best policy would have been to have given things 10 - 15 years, then to have made their case ( A case they refused to make in the referendum itself - probably out of fear that they would lose if they tried anything other than fear and intimidation as an argument ).

This way just lies division and turmoil, without end. Are any of them deluded enough to think their could ever be peace if the betrayal they are trying to pull of succeeds ?

 Update: Tim Stanley on a similar line in today's Telegraph.

Monday, January 23, 2017

If there is a breach of faith ...

Everyday the news is full of those who campaigned for staying subject to the European Union arguing mostly for the EU oven ready castrated form of fake Brexit that staying in the Single Market would amount to.

If you haven't twigged it already just understand that staying in the Single Market means staying in the EU - but as a slave region with no influence - just a bill to pay every week and laws and ECJ court rulings to implement. ( Which of course is why the Remoaners are so keen on it. )

Those who say they accept the EU Referendum result and then argue for staying in the Single Market are engaged in what Peter Oborne has phrased "political lying". We know they are doing it, and those who don't yet know would learn the awful truth soon enough if they got their way.

What those who won't accept the decision made by the people seem to forget if the worse possible outcome now is not some economic shock ( there's one coming whatever is decided as debt and the Euro disaster will explode shortly ) its the breach of faith they are campaigning, plotting and conspiring to bring about.

A country that has been democratically raped by the Remoaners will never again be at peace with itself.

Never again would the argument for change at the ballot box be credible. No one in Labour or the Conservatives will be able to pretend that they can work for sovereignty and democracy from within those parties - as the evidence to the country will be too blatant to ignore.

I doubt there would be a revolution, at least not straight away, but when the next big shock comes which requires the strength of national cohesion to hold our society together the rich liberal elite should not expect the people to back them. The trust and faith in our national government would be mortally wounded.

If something like the London riots, bird flu, another banking crisis or such black swan moments were to occur you might find people unwilling to back our elite rulers.

The court that Blair created will rule tomorrow on  how our nation can regain its sovereignty. They don't enjoy the confidence of a large amount of the population, who assume they are part of an establishment stitch up. Lets hope they have used wisdom, but the signs from their back grounds and known prejudices suggest this will be unlikely.

If Remoaners succeed in their plotted breach of faith then everyone will have a long time to regret it.

Note: I should point out that many Remain campaigners and voters have accepted the EU Referendum result. There is a distinction of integrity between those who campaigned for Remain, and those who seek to steal the result - the Remoaners.

Update: See also "Our Democracy must pass the Brexit Test"