Sunday, February 12, 2017

If the Lords castrate the United Kingdom's Brexit negations then there will be dire repercussions

The moronic Lib Dems who can't see the utter disaster they are demanding - that the EU be incentivised to punish the UK and do as much harm to the British people as possible as a way to bully them into recanting on Brexit - which is the inevitable result of having a late deal vs No-Brexit  vote on Brexit in two years time.

Why would the EU negotiate in good faith when they can guarantee a win with bad faith ?

Why  do the Lib Dems hate their own country and the people so much ? Why do they insist on setting up negotiations by undermining their own country ?

I guess we will see what the Lords come up with - but be under no illusion there will be a reckoning for all this if we are betrayed.

PS For those who still want to be an insignificant part of the EU superstate the best policy would have been to have given things 10 - 15 years, then to have made their case ( A case they refused to make in the referendum itself - probably out of fear that they would lose if they tried anything other than fear and intimidation as an argument ).

This way just lies division and turmoil, without end. Are any of them deluded enough to think their could ever be peace if the betrayal they are trying to pull of succeeds ?

 Update: Tim Stanley on a similar line in today's Telegraph.

Monday, January 23, 2017

If there is a breach of faith ...

Everyday the news is full of those who campaigned for staying subject to the European Union arguing mostly for the EU oven ready castrated form of fake Brexit that staying in the Single Market would amount to.

If you haven't twigged it already just understand that staying in the Single Market means staying in the EU - but as a slave region with no influence - just a bill to pay every week and laws and ECJ court rulings to implement. ( Which of course is why the Remoaners are so keen on it. )

Those who say they accept the EU Referendum result and then argue for staying in the Single Market are engaged in what Peter Oborne has phrased "political lying". We know they are doing it, and those who don't yet know would learn the awful truth soon enough if they got their way.

What those who won't accept the decision made by the people seem to forget if the worse possible outcome now is not some economic shock ( there's one coming whatever is decided as debt and the Euro disaster will explode shortly ) its the breach of faith they are campaigning, plotting and conspiring to bring about.

A country that has been democratically raped by the Remoaners will never again be at peace with itself.

Never again would the argument for change at the ballot box be credible. No one in Labour or the Conservatives will be able to pretend that they can work for sovereignty and democracy from within those parties - as the evidence to the country will be too blatant to ignore.

I doubt there would be a revolution, at least not straight away, but when the next big shock comes which requires the strength of national cohesion to hold our society together the rich liberal elite should not expect the people to back them. The trust and faith in our national government would be mortally wounded.

If something like the London riots, bird flu, another banking crisis or such black swan moments were to occur you might find people unwilling to back our elite rulers.

The court that Blair created will rule tomorrow on  how our nation can regain its sovereignty. They don't enjoy the confidence of a large amount of the population, who assume they are part of an establishment stitch up. Lets hope they have used wisdom, but the signs from their back grounds and known prejudices suggest this will be unlikely.

If Remoaners succeed in their plotted breach of faith then everyone will have a long time to regret it.

Note: I should point out that many Remain campaigners and voters have accepted the EU Referendum result. There is a distinction of integrity between those who campaigned for Remain, and those who seek to steal the result - the Remoaners.

Update: See also "Our Democracy must pass the Brexit Test"

Sunday, January 01, 2017

When they say Unity they mean surrender

Our current prime minister has issued two messages to the nation on Christmas day and New Years day - ( she does know she's not head of state right ? ).

Both call for unity after the EU referendum.

Justin Welby ( Archbishop of Canterbury ) - the man who said the CofE would be neutral in the referendum and then plumped to support Remain anyway - is also call for Unity.

What they mean is the people should accept the sell out that's probably coming. ( Of course I don't know, but I can see the ground work being done for it ).
    First we had the people didn't mean it - vote again.
    Then came the people were confused by a bus message - and its only advisory anyway.
    Then came the delay - long enough to let Remain agents launch a legal challenge to the govt - of a type that has always failed in the past when it would have inconvenienced the move to an EU super state - but suddenly works when it might stop the UK regaining its sovereignty and democratic government.
    Then they said well they didn't mean the single market - we are staying in that right ? With the #ECJ still in charge and #EU law still supreme and large antiquates of tribute money paid to fund the EU.
    Many videos of the Remain side warning that this is exactly what a Leave vote would mean and of Leave campaigners saying this was what was wanted meant this line was too embarrising to hold. Also the 70 % of Labour MPs who's constituencies voted Leave who would face a snap general election if they tried to implement this betrayal meant another approach was needed.
    Step forward arch Remain campaigner Philip Hammond MP - who started asking for transition deals. Deals without, so #Remoaners schemed, end dates. ( Though the EU has been less than helpful here suggesting an specific end date would be required ).
So now we are in 2017. The article 50 on the very next day promise by David Cameron ( who failed to let the civil service plan for Brexit ) has been broken. By her indecisiveness Theresa May opened the door to the supper rich elite #remoaners, who have done so well out of cheap Labour, low wages, mass immigration, vast complex regulation and the mass economic destruction of the Euro, to try to buy expensive legal council to get the result in the courts.

We have the call for Unity - which looks a lot like a call to compromise on what was a clear decision that both sides agreed on the consequences of it being made - before the rich elite lost and decided they could try to buy, bully, lie and cheat the country out of its demand to return the powers stolen from us by the gradual deceit of past politicians.

It seems likely the supreme court - packed full of arch remainers and linked to the legal establishment that has grown so rich with the complex laws and regulations of the EU - will uphold the high court decision. Possibly they will try to make Brexit much more difficult. I have to tell you those calling for Unity under these circumstances must know its a joke.

There is only one form a Unity that will wash in the UK and that is unity behind a sovereign United Kingdom and the Crown.

But of course I doubt this is what Welby and May are calling for.

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

The call to see 'The Plan' is a trap

The elite in Parliament are still wary of openly stopping Brexit - though they have the parliamentary mussel to do it.

What stop a very few is common decency - no one before the referendum date could have imagined the contorted circles and pontificating that is going on right now. Indeed David Cameron promised to use article 50 the day after the referendum. ( But then he also said he'd stay as PM. )

For by far the larger number of MPs who supported Remain its fear of the electorate that holds them in place. Labour know Theresa May could recall the fixed term parliaments act then call a general election - where many of them would be wiped out for backing the EU against the wishes of their constituents.

So how to get round this ?

There plan is to go long ( all delay is good - as it may stretch things out until some circumstances have changed and they can argue the electorate has changed its mind ).

But they also want to change the subject from Brexit to 'has every negotiating aim been achieved?' - if not surely you need another referendum or perhaps they can pretend the whole thing is invalid.

The EU side will play along and make sure something important is unachievable, knowing that the fifth column in Parliament will work to destroy their nations independence and sovereignty in co-operation.

Everything Labour ask for is only being requested as they think it will be useful to stop the UK regaining its sovereignty and to over turn the will of the British people.

Every time they deny this their disingenuous duplicity is far more obvious than they realise.

Monday, October 03, 2016

Why should anyone trust Theresa May ?

There was a #Remoaner article by Alex Massie in the Spectator making the usual excuses for continuing the suspension of sovereignty and democracy that Remain are so committed to.

But he asks one good question - if Theresa May is this week so committed to sovereignty, independence and the restoration of democracy - then why wasn't she before June 23rd this year ?

Yes she kept a level of profile that would have made Agent Corbyn proud on the subject, but she sided with Cameron, Osborn, Goldman Sachs and the EU against the United Kingdom as a sovereign country.

Yet today we have the born again Kipper incarnation of Mrs May.

Don't get me wrong I put country before party and wish the current government the very best in the type of Brexit is seems to want to claim for the United Kingdom. But this doesn't mean there's no questions to be asked about the unexplained road to Damascus conversion of Mrs May.

Could it be that the thing that has scared the Conservatives most has been UKIP embedding into our political system ?

We know Mrs May plays her cards close to her chest. She has still managed to avoid the ideology tags. She certainly had David Cameron and George Osborne fooled as to her real views on how they ran government.

She has the capacity to avoid being understood ( I could put this a less generous way ).

She is clearly tactically astute, brave, patient, ruthless and bold.

But can those of us who campaigned for Brexit and to get our country back trust her any more than David Cameron could ? ( In fairness she didn't betray David Cameron - just clearly harbour some very strong criticisms of his approach and goals that she kept loyally quiet ).

Lets also remember that one of the key objectives of the Conservative party has been to try to cut of the oxygen supply from UKIP - might this be what is really going on just now ?

Without UKIP the establishment will be able to go back to the Euro Oligarchical stitch up they were so pleased with and which protected them from the people.

History already teaches us to treat Mrs May with caution.

Sunday, October 02, 2016

Brexit was a choice - not a test

A lot of the Remoaner whinging in the press, MSM and twitter is based on the assumption the British electorate got it wrong on June 23rd.

Well here's the thing - it wasn't a test to spot the right answer - it was a choice between different futures.

And the British people decided they wanted to live in a sovereign independent democratic country and hence voted for Brexit.

They could have decided to stick with the EU project as it moves on towards eventual super state union, but they didn't want that.

The electorate didn't get it wrong - they gave a clear instruction to their government and parliament - and instruction that government and parliament asked them to give.

Indeed David Cameron could not have been clearer that the result would be enacted ( he promised the very next day ) and I didn't hear any of the #Remoaner voices that now speak up saying this wouldn't be the case.

This is a matter of good faith. It is a matter of whether we live in a democracy or not.

We said we wanted Brexit - get on with it.

It would be a very serious mistake to do anything else.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Comment is over

Its been noticeable for a while that the Daily telegraph has been cutting back on the comments it allows, and now has pretty much given up on them. ( Instead simple polls are offered, perhaps to allow the DT to profile its readership more accurately).

Damian Thompson write a charming attack on the "underpant" comment warriors, using the sort of vitriol he normally reserves for the Church of England.

Of course the professional journalists never liked the access to publishing the internet has brought, and for understandable reasons resent those who do for free what they need to be paid for. They have never liked the whole blog thing - and despair of those who repute their articles and use twitter.

Also the establishment is seriously spooked by the refusal of much the unwashed to do what they are dam well told on things like Brexit.

Clearly they all would like the ability for networks to form outside their control to stop and for the MSM gatekeepers on knowledge, news and the official truth to be restored to power.

Well its unlikely to happen, unless there's a whole lot of oppressive legislation coming. Now the EU has some of that on the way and Europol looks like it will enforce it.

But we are going to be out of that aren't we ?

What all this means, baring any crackdowns, is that blogs may have their second time in the sun. ( No pun intended Mr Murdoch ).

I'd better get back to work...

PS What on earth is being done to the Daily Telegraph - are they deliberately trying to go out of business ?

Friday, September 09, 2016

Is Theresa May trying to crash her government ?

When I first heard about the Grammar school proposal I was amused as the photographed document on the way into No10 is clearly a plant, and it shows the political skills of getting two bites of the media cherry for a policy.

I'm broadly in favour of more Grammar schools, but wonder if it isn't a further attempt to steal UKIP's clothes by a Conservative party who seems much more concerned about UKIP than it is Labour.

However, a further question has to be asked. Is Theresa trying to destroy her government, as a way of saving the EU's dominion over the United Kingdom ?

She's made a lot of enemies very quickly. The Toffs won't have liked their butchering in her reshuffle, and in case that didn't work attacking independent schools where they and their children attend today will reinforce the message. The hardened anti-UK re-moaners ( and there are plenty of them in what is laughingly called the Conservative party ) hate her for not allowing their more obvious schemes to destroy the Brexit mandate.

You can be sure that Grammar schools guarantees an almighty fight. Education failure and the destruction of life chances of middle class children is the dream and prime objective of the British left, along with the humiliation and extermination of our culture and Christian heritage. Its what gets them out of bed in the morning.

You can be sure the BBC will go nuts on this, its about the only thing that could force Brexit of the news cycle ( now there's a thought ...  and a motive).

But here's the problem - Theresa only has a narrow majority of a split party where she has just humiliated the former ruling faction. Not a formula for political success right ?

Is she really trying to sabotage her own government, knowing that its fall will save her beloved European Union ? Or is she trying to engineer an early general election given the Corbyn is likely to still be leading Labour ?Just a thought ...