Monday, August 31, 2015

What the number of UKIP peers appointed tells you about Cameron if you are still a Conservative

Natural justice required that a number of UKIP peers be appointed , along with the other opposition peers.

Remember David Cameron's clearly false protestations about only wanting a pre-election debate if the Greens were invited. Suddenly its all naked power politics and no principle.

Well if you have been a Conservative and you are one of those who is still labouring under the delusion that David Cameron is actually 'negotiating' on the EU for 'a better deal' then there just no place to hide from your naked gullibility.

The man's a rat- the the new peers list shows it quite clearly.

The Conservative party is lost and quite frankly those who still are members who don't support the EU superstate project and wilfully deceiving themselves.

PS Bake from my Summer break.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Airport VAT rip off ? What about ISAs and Pensions then ?

Its Summer and the government has to play the headlines. A bit of obvious popularism has arisen in that air side shops in airports get VAT of their shopping, but charge customers similar or the same prices anyway. Hence the tax break doesn't get passed on to the consumer.

Conservative ministers are making a great song and dance of  instructing retailers to pass on the break ( did that knock Calais out of the headlines for a bit - great ).

But what about the tax breaks for ISAs and Pensions taht seem to just subsadise poor perforance by banks and finaicial instituions ?

I guess George won't be so keen on dealing with those ....

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

The Conservative party moves yet further from God

From the we told you so news desk

It surely doesn't take much imagination to see what the left will get up to when the so called Conservative party behaves like this.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Labour deserves Corbyn to win

Labour still haven't quite figured out what happened to them in Scotland.

Well they are about to get another symptom of their underlying malady from their leadership election ( if the polls are to be relied upon ).

In Scotland Labour used implied dog whilst anglophobic hate to push for devolution - thinking they would be the beneficiaries and the voters would dumbly respond the thinly disguised hate message as they associate English and Tory and thought that was all the politicking they would ever need.

The flaw was that having made the anti-Tory, anti-English hate campaign they had no defence when someone claiming to be even more Scottish ( ie anti-English anti-Tory ) than them painted them as Red-Tories they had no defence and they had already abandoned rational politics for knee jerk nationalism.

Now their language and rhetoric used to complain about Austerity ( ie stopping today's generation from stealing the future of the next generation ) set up no understanding of the underlying issues. The quotes to the right of this blog page from Denis Healey and Jim Callaghan have been truly forgotten. No attempt has been made to educate or argue with the infantile Labour membership ( Sorry Liz Kendal you are far too late ).

Now the hard left - friends of terrorist murders and our enemies ( just look who the hard left's candidate shakes hands with ) - stand at the gates of the Labour party and looks like it will cease power.

Well its been coming ever since Labour abdicated reasoned debate and instead used the poison of hate and irrational argument to motivate its base.

The rest of us will now have to deal with the results.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Who pays for the alarmists' mistakes

This article makes a key point about climate alarmism - asking who gets held responsible ?

Worth a read.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

One aspect of debt - if repayment is in question

Some time ago I heard a joke that tells the story of how hard it is to deal in a certain part of the world ( not Greece I might add ). It goes like this:

A banker, whose bank has just made a large loan to a foreign company gets a phone call from an officer of that company. It goes like this:

    Client - "Hello I'm phoning to reduce the interest rate on the large loan issued yesterday"

    Banker - "But yesterday we signed a contract and agreed the rate !"

    Client - "But yesterday I don't have your money ...."
The point is clear and is perhaps what's making the next step in the Greek debt tragedy so difficult.

Is the gap now too wide to accept election results and a common government ?

There are now a number of continually warring camps in our politics and also culture.

One tends to work on the basis that the evidence of what works supports their position ( primarily the right of centre / conservative view ) and the other that everything must be changed and manipulated to compel everyone to act in the way that it wishes ( the left and socially liberal group - though it should be noted that in many ways social liberalism is really just the route by which the left weakens societies institutions to achieve its primary aim ).

In democracies we assume that both sides will have their turn in government, but since the left is better at the art of deceit with its march though the institutions and is now threatening everything people hold dear such as their families, marriages and how their children are brought up you have to wonder if this settlement of taking turns can last.

perhaps it will soon be totally unacceptable for 49% to be ruled by 51% - even if the 49% think their turn may come. ( Yes I know with modern democracy the participation levels are far lower overall ).

In the past you would have taken a group of like minded people and taken the Mayflower to the New World.

But that option no longer exists. The planet is full, and no one is letting us off it in the near future.

So can we continue to live together ?

As nations are broken down by immigration and diversity maybe the common settlement and agreement of shred fate will be also.

It is perhaps strange that no one talks of separation. After all what would happen if say all the Socialist went to one end of the country and the conservatives went to the other end and had separate governments ?

How long can the culture wars that David Cameron started carry on before one side just wants to leave the other to its fate ?

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Run up debt then campaign against Austerity - the left's new plan ?

Capitalism works so well as you can use your capital as security against borrowing and, by using your advantage, make a return greater than the agreed interest.

Countries that make capitalism work best have a good rule of law and clear property rights.

But we are approaching a problem as shown by Greece ( and really many other European countries ).

Debt is run up - used to bribe voters with welfare policies, then - when austerity is demanded by this action the left campaigns against it ( using popularism again ) and demands the arbitrary confiscation of property via debt defaults.

It may be that the left has found a way to drive Capitalism of the road and create the car crash and misery they so desperately seek to justify the totalitarian measures they secretly lust after.

This process is aided by the crocodile eat me last behaviour of some of our banks and financial institutions - and governments that continue to build housing bubbles and raid pensions to provide artificial temporary boasts to GDP whilst ensuring worse debt and austerity int he future.

Yes George Osborne I'm looking in your direction.

It may be that the left has found an Achilles heal to defeat capitalism with - the peoples greed.

Events in Greece may yet impact us all.

Those who value economic and indeed personal freedom need to keep a watch on the use of the Latimer's fork of debt and austerity by the left.

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Fracking and Heathrow

We have the situation of a council going against its own legal advice to refuse planning permission for the UK's first Fracking site.

What the BBC and its Luddite allies fail to report is the impact this will have on the UK. Our balance of payments will get worse ( its terrible right now ), gas costs will stay high, industry will continue to leave the UK and fuel poverty will rise as gas prices increase and green rent charging makes a few very rich and freezes pensioner to death.

Also we have the beating about the bush on Heathrow.

Yes there needs to be a 3rd and a 4th runnway at Heathrow.

The idea of moving Heathrow further West might have worked, but failing that its timne to get on with it. The alternative is to continue to fall behind the rest of the world. The UK now depends on services to pay the bills and those services depend on links to the world. Gatwick just won't cut it as a hub airport.

What these two issues have in common is a need for political leadership.

I'm not going to hold my breath on that one.