Wednesday, August 26, 2009

An interview with Dan Hannan

I just watched this US interview over at play political and think its worth taking a look. I can't help thinking that Dan Hannan will be a very influential figure in out politics over the coming decades.

Update: There is of course a political row about this with the usual intellectual thuggery and intimation from Labour because Hannan mentions Enoch Powell and the NHS. Labour will do anything and I mean anything for votes - if it means trying to close down debate and destroy democracy then you can rely on the parasitic careerist of the Labour party to do the smearing and misrepresentation needed to hold onto their fat salaries and gold plated pensions that they would never ever earn in the real world.

Further: Guido has the a fuller story on this and Labour knee jerk reaction and why it is so dump and contemptible ( as usual I have to say ). Apparently the interview took place a month ago - before the Labour smear and spin machine had its first go at revenge on our man Dan.

And Tim Montgomerie gives his reaction over at Conservative home.


Barking Spider said...

I'm beginning to wonder if this is all part of a plan and our Dan is merely saying with tacit approval the things that Cameron can't say himself at the moment!?

I would like to see him play a very large role in our politics as soon as possible - we desperately need people like him.

ContraTory said...

I am not entirely convinced that Dan Hannan will prove to be a demi-messiah of the Conservative movement as is believed by certain elements of the Party, but what I find interesting is that once againThe Daily Telegraph seems currently to be giving an uncritical platform for an all too predictable Labour attack, rather than merely reporting the story in context. It is simply accepted that Hannan is in hot water because he has some views in common with Enoch Powell. However, Powell is a boo-politician only in Labour mythology. In actual fact he was a sound, principled politician, who was far too strident (and in fact wrong) about immigration at the time he made his “rivers of blood” speech in the 1960’s.

Man in a Shed said...

@Barking_Spider: I have my doubts. I imagine team Cameron is pulling its hair out, if only because David Cameron made the mistake of trying to slap down Dan the first time round.

Of course Dan will now have to be very careful because if he ever does really screw up the leadership will hang him out to dry.

@ContraTory: As you say the left don't or perhaps won't understand Enoch in his entirety. But then their type of politics isn't reason based.

I have high hopes for Dan Hannan. In some ways his keeping away from Westminster and the inevitable pull into a future Tory executive is what reassures me most about the man.

Man in a Shed said...

I should add ContraTory that I agree with you the Telegraph has another agenda these days.

James Higham said...

I mentioned in a post today that he could well drag many Tories out if he's not handled well by Cameron and that can only play into Labour's hands. The right is in a delicate position just now and it's a pity we can't all combine better.