Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Senator Ted Kennedy a friend of Britain ?

Sorry, despite the BBC's love in and Gordon's tears I have this man marked down as an implacable enemy of our country.

Only the self loathing Labour party could make such a man a knight.

Maybe he had good points ( driving in a straight line over bridges clearly not being one of them ), but as a UK citizen I'm not sad to see the back of the political enemy he represented.

May he rest in peace, but I refuse to mourn.

See also: Adrian Michaels: "Spare me the beatification of Teddy Kennedy".

And Wat Tyler is somewhat less than convinced about St Ted also....

Ed West "IRA sympathiser Ted Kennedy was no friend of Britain ",

The Daily Mail Comment "Ted Kennedy loathed Britain - so why did Gordon Brown knight him?"


ContraTory said...

Yes, let's have a moment's silence for.....Mary Jo Kopechne.

Anonymous said...

The man was an IRA sympathiser! Glad he's gone!

Anonymous said...

He is finally dead. Who cares? Not me!