Thursday, August 27, 2009

Easy come, easy go

The new top 100 Centre right blog list is in from Iain Dale's empire. This blog didn't make the cut this year of the main category I would have been interested in the top 100 Centre Right. There are a lot of new blogs in there, and a lot of the old guard are slipping down the table - so maybe I shouldn't feel too bad.

Oddly the interaction and visitor frequency has been up over the last 6 months or so, with Silly Week a definite hit ( a lesson for the future perhaps - people love humour, even when the message is serious ).

I've seen a number of blogs run their course this year, and more threaten to call it a day - as we must all do eventually. But this blog remains sufficiently fuelled by anger at Labour's betrayal of our nation on so many levels that I think you'll still be hearing from me until at least June 2010, unless the No 10 bus, or those squirrels outside my shed, gets me first.

Update: OK self petty tempered by only a slight reduction in the Top 100 Conservative rating ( there must be a lot of UKIP and Libertarian blogs out there ).


ContraTory said...

According to Alexa, my blog is ranked 28,591,388th in the World, and I just don't care.

Man in a Shed said...

@ContraTory - Whose Alexa ? I used to use technorati, but the service just seems to have deteriorated over the last year.

I guess I could google to find out, but better get some work done instead !

ContraTory said...

Alexa is a web information company amongst other things providing internet traffic data, including website rankings (not just blogs). I first took note of it a few years ago when, misreading the stats, I thought it was suggesting that my blog had 1.5 visitors a month - a figure I knew to be grossly inflated.

Man in a Shed said...

Interesting - I'll have look at them shortly. In my professional life I'm about to launch a product sold on the internet so could be a useful resource.

Anonymous said...

Some of us just didn't bother entering or asking for votes this year, hey, ho. So what? Seems a lot of effort just to get a Blue Peter badge.

If the visitor stream dried up then I'd know I was doing something wrong.

John M Ward said...

I'm with Curly on this.

I never ask for votes in this exercise, nor do I vote for myself (but my respect for many other 'blogs prompts me to vote for them — well, ten of 'em!) and it really doesn't matter anyway.

We all know from the response we get — not necessarily in comments (as a lot of us don't comment for the sake of it, but only when we have something useful to contribute) but elsewhere.

Steve Green's quarterly events — or at least he hopes to make them quarterly — are perhaps a better indication of the respect we have for each other, and how well some are recognised and (dare I say it?) almost revered.

There is just so much "stuff" out there now, that even a top hundred in any category is going to be just a limited number of examples. Apart from the (predictable) front runners, everyone else is just in the mix, and any one year's results tells us very little.