Thursday, August 27, 2009

The case for sacrificing our soldiers and burning our money in Afghanistan is getting thinner by the day

It appears that the Americans may well have had enough of Hamid Karzai*. If so given there has been one British casualty for every vote from the area captured from the Taliban in the so called panther claw assault its time to start wondering (again) what is going on ?

There is no leadership from our government, accept to try not to make decisions and to hide critical reports on MOD equipment procurement.

If there is no objective that is achievable in a near time scale (say 1-3 years) then Afghanistan fails the Just War test as a no brainer ....

The Labour government need to start doing some explaining very quickly indeed.

The English public will not put up with much more of this ( David Cameron take note ).

PS As I mentioned a few days ago - it may be that the reasons for the war haven't been shared with us as our current political leaders don't think we would accept them, but the "War on Terrorism" meme is easier to push.

Update: Read this article "Bun Fight in the Badlands" by David Gill for The First Post to get a real feel for what we are spending our money and young lives on.

The Sun gives Gordon Brown both barrels over his disgraceful and snivelling failure of our troops and country over Afghanistan. Worth a read.


Barking Spider said...

No other country has ever been able to win a war in Afghanistan and we are not going to win this one either. As to what the real reason is for being there, we will never hear the truth from the present shower in government or perhaps not even in our lifetimes. As you say, the Americans have had just about enough of Karzai's corruption and it should be obvious to all by now that a democratic Afghanistan is an impossible pipe dream.

Man in a Shed said...

@Barking_Spider: I should have added a tweet I did a day ago about a First Post journalistic piece

Recommended: "Bun fight in the badlands" David Gill Get the real Afghan background.

Give you a real feel for events out there - I especially like the Reservoir dogs analogy.

In truth its chaos - just too many peole have their credibility invested in keeping going.

Think I'll add that link to the post.