Friday, August 21, 2009

Two enormous lies that are being told straight to our faces

Right - I'm back from 5 of the best days weather England has been handing our for quite some time. Given what appears to be happening in the cricket I'm having to pinch myself. But to confirm I am back to reality lets deal with two enormous lies that our government and its agencies are telling.

They are lies that fool no one. Not the foreign powers they deal with, not the politicians. Yet the falsehoods are used as fig leaves to hide the truth.

The lies are:

1) The release of Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi was about compassion.

2) The war in Afghanistan is about Terrorism.

The first point is blindingly obvious. The only question is which bunch of socialist (and therefore by definition immoral) are most to blame ? The SNP and their adolescent its "Scottish" posturing and playing for attention or the Machiavellian dark cynical arts of the Labour party as they trample over the system of justice. Personally I suspect this was in part a trap for the SNP who have blundered into it, with Labour hoping to be the main beneficiary.

It all happens in August when Parliament is away, and with Brown trying to pretend none of its to do with him.

The governments apologists for the ongoing War in Afghanistan can no longer hold the "its the War with Terrorism" line as an excuse for what's going on our there as we are bled white of young lives and treasure for the current odious regime. The dead tree press is slowly catching on, as the leader in this weeks UK edition of the Economist shows. The Economist comes close to accusing the politicians of lying to their people about the reasons for the ongoing war and outlines the many failures and how the 'successes' in Iraq may be hard to reproduce.

What do these two issues have in common ?

The lies are just holding patterns used by the Labour government to avoid telling people what is really going on. Labour have been obsessed by the media and controlling it. Their strength in this matter has recently been shown In the NHS witch hunt where their supporters in the MSM have been busy trying to cook up the Tory splits on NHS story. Labour deny, smear and then lie and misdirect - its an instinct now hard wired into their DNA.

But this does matter - its our country that suffers and our democracy and rule of law that is defiled by Labour and all its supporters.

There will be consequences.

In the first case the US may never again settle for the UK or anyone else getting to have jurisdiction over a mass murder of their civilians. ( Do this though experiment - imagine another US airlines is blown up over Scotland. Do you think the US will ever rest with the UK handling the justice process and any detention that results ? ).

In Afghanistan the blood and treasure lost can't be afforded by this country any more. Labour has also destroyed the infrastructure and assets of our armed forces ( perhaps that's their deliberate aim ). One day we may come to very much regret that waste.

The common thread is Labour are unfit for government of our nation. They only know how to pursue their own agendas and in the case of many key political figures make themselves very rich indeed.

Update: See Gerald Warner here - here's a brief extract:

    "our young men are being butchered for nothing, except to save the faces of incompetent politicians in Britain"

Further Liam Fox seems to moving the Conservatives towards a disengagement strategy. ( Good about time ).

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Elby the Beserk said...

Our presence in Ghan is nothing to do with the proposed pipeline to be built through it. Also, oil was nothing to do with us going into Iraq.

Oh, and by the way, Meddlesome met Gaddafi's son a few days before Megrahi's release to have a chat about the cricket.

Oh. yes, and that Gordon Brown is a really nice man.

Christ on a fucking bicycle. Another eight months of these fucking cunts