Friday, April 03, 2009

Have Labour already arranged over draft facilities with the IMF ?

As ever with Brown, its the small print you need to look out for. His father may have been a honest man, a man of the cloth, but his son operates by deceit, sub-defuse, misdirection, smear and straight lies and betrayal. He is a creature of the socialist left, which doesn't seek understanding and popular ( let alone democratic ) support, just power achieved through patronage, control of information, bullying and fear.

There are reports of Peter Mandelson talking about taking away the stigma of getting money from the IMF yesterday. The G20 has also created a fund that can be drawn down from the IMF - under the cover of doing something for the third world. (Much as extreme left wing agitation now hides under the green banner. )

The current corrupted government lead by Brown has been having trouble selling our children into debt to win the next election, having to print money to buy the short terms gilts and being unable to sell the all the long term variety. More cash is urgently needed, and as inflation takes of to destroy the middle classes they hate so much, the argument of fighting deflation will no longer hold for having a cash machine which is really a printer in the Treasury. So its the IMF next, sooner or later ( which means before or after the general election as that's all they care about).

Many of us on the right assumed that the involvement of the IMF would be the final proof that Labour had failed. But no, the spin masters of "the narrative" are getting to work to try to diffuse this moment the same way that Brown betrayal of his country and oath breaking from his manifesto was "handled" when he sneaked in late to carry out his treason signing the Lisbon constitution treaty.

And of course the BBC ( no one from the centre right available for Newsnight ) and Channel 4 ( its the end of Thatcherism hurray ) will help their friends in Labour all they can.

There is going to be a real fight for the nations soul against a force and movement that hides its aims, denies straight facts, deceives, spins and tells straight lies to the voters faces.

Its a battle I wish I was more sure of us winning.

Update: This issue is now going mainstream. Those unprincipled shameless ******** who have sold us into debt are going to ruin this country for the whole life times oif anyone old enough to read these words.

Its not an election these people need to be defeated in - they should be convicted in court for criminal incompetence and treason.

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Sir, I tip my hat to your sound posting.