Friday, April 03, 2009

Fining public sector organisations, conning then fining the public

Its being reported that the BBC is being fined £150k over the antics of messers Brand and Ross.

Well that's all right then, justice has been handed out by Ofcom, all is well !

Only hang on a minute, who pays the £150k again ? Is it not money from the TV poll tax ?

Not long ago a man mistreated in police custody was awarded £60k in compensation, and guess who's paying that money ? Yes its you and me though our taxes.

Hospitals kill people by neglect by the equivalent of the plane load, and they get threatened with - wait for it - fines. That leaves two possibilities - one - we pay through our taxes, or two we pay by having less health care available.

It seems to me that fines of public sector oranisations are a farce designed to protect the staff who work for them at the cost of the tax payer - who has the double insult of being deceived and having to pay for it.

What I would like to see is these fines coming out of the salaries and pensions of those responsible, not my back pocket.


Bill Quango MP said...

Its the ultimate reprimand. I've taken to doing it in my private life.
Forget to empty bin. Fine self £5.
Pay self £5. Go to pub. Bin remains full. If situation does not get resolved within 2 weeks..fine self £10

In the private sector the penalty for failure is loss of job. Not as common in the Public sector.

Melvin Cragsbury (a pseudonym) said...

Great post. I've put it on my blog. What more can anyone add to your wise words.