Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Get ready for the mother of all re-annoucements

Yes Gordon's at it one more time. We're so used now to the financial disaster that Brown drove us into that we forget his other failings, the most noticeable of which in his early days was re-announcing things 2-3 times, but expecting the compliant media to dole out unthinking credit each time.

Well the G20 is about to finish and the UK tax payer is about to get the bill for hosting Gordon re-election spectacle, on top of the Gordon flies round the world for TV coverage bill. And what's going to make it all worth while ?

Why a re-announcement of what's been said already, only couched in terms that will allow everyone to interpret it how they like, and the media over 12 hours to figure out they've seen it before to buy Gordon the Headlines he craves.

Update: Well the "con is on" as Gordon tries to fool the voters that the outcome was what he always wanted. See Iain Martin on this.

Brown has enjoyed himself tremendously. It may be no exaggeration to say he's had the time of his life. We haven't seen him this happy since he was joking about each telephone call being a new bank failing.

But now comes the second party of the Brown two step con. Part one was the G20 - full of photos, hosting and lets face it acting. Part two will be the budget. That's the point when Brown decides if he his ego is worth bankrupting the country over ( here's a prediction - he'll think it is and the pathetic quisling Labour MPs are too cowardly to put the country first and stop him. )

Update Fraser Nelson has a nice summary of the tricks, spin and deciet Brown has just tried to pull here.

Peter Oborne goes yet further here, he even suggest and names civil servants who have damaged their reputations by allowing the summit communique to be released with their acquiescence.

He slates the "the dodgy and dishonest summit communique".

This is the level that the government of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland has been reduced to.


ContraTory said...

I suppose you mean this sort of thing.

Man in a Shed said...

@ContraTory - Oh yes.

Its depressing as its so predictable.