Tuesday, January 13, 2009

As I told you - Remember the left hate your children

Just under a year ago I finished a post with the warning "Remember the left hate your children" - see here.

Well if your were in any doubt before the proof is now in with Harriet Harman's Social Warfare bill to attack and destroy the middle classes ( as if that wasn't being done effectively enough by Labour economic policy ! ).

The anti-merit government policy has already reduced the effectiveness of the civil service ( as people who have to deal with it report to me ) and now requires certain firms employ token employees to win contract. This is going to get far worse if Labour hold onto power.

In reality this is probably the pre-election dog whistle, along with Hazel Blears trying to pretend she understands peoples concern about immigration ( as opposed to labelling it racism) before a general election. The only people Labour care about are themselves.

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