Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More of your money being wasted to buy Brown votes - this time the £10k teacher scam

We all know the proposed £10k bonus for "excellent" teachers at under performing schools will work out.

Why ?

Because we've seen it before. Blair tried this with some sort of Bonus for good performance for teachers. By the time the Unions and LEA's had finished with it it was issued to almost everybody.

The prospects on the infighting and bickering that choosing who the excellent teachers are will destroy this initiative to buy working class support with tax payers money.

But that okay for Gordon, because being a New Labour Narrative Socialist he's not bothered about real outcomes - just extravagant boasts he can make with other peoples money to save his career.

PS Gordon how does this fit with your call for restraint on public sector pay ?

Further: Celia Walden tells Brown "Gordon can keep his 'golden carrot'" over at the DT today. Her reasons are worth considering also.

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