Tuesday, January 13, 2009

R4 gives Liam Byrne an easy ride - as always

Just listened to the fawning interview on R4's today programme. Liam Byrne was allowed to get away with not answering any questions - but just issuing the normal NuLabour spiel.

Either he didn't understand any of the questions - especially the one about ZanuLabour abolishing the careers service - in which case he no doubt blames Thatcher for messing up his education, or he was treating the audience like a bunch of idiots just ranting on about the Conservatiaves. ( By the way Liam lots of the guys who went to school with you will have gone into the post Big Bang city - made meritocratic by the Conservatives - and made a killing. The guy who live next door to me in Essex was head of foreign currency trading at a key bank and he didn't even get his maths 'O' level.)

Why are Radio 4's Today interviewing skills so low ? Why do they let NuLabour automotrons just droll out the spin and misreopresentation of their opponents whilst nver answering the question ?

If anyone from the BBC reads this - try comparing to the intevriew on R5L about half an hour earluier - its shows you can do it. On this interview the straight hypocrisy of New Labour ministers sending their children to fee paying Oxbridge coaching sessions, getting them plush intern jobs and buying private tutors for them and empoying them in their offices was put straight to the slippery Mr Byrne.

For my money R4's Today programme has far to many left wing sympathisers working for it. And now we also see why the political capability of R5L is to be terminated with its move to Manchester.

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