Thursday, February 14, 2008

The hatred of the left for middle class children will be their undoing

We have yet another report issued by left wing educationalists going on about middle class children monopolising the good state schools.

Who looks after academic standards in these institutions ? ( Its the LSE this time. ) Does no one wonder about confusing cause and effect ?

Might it only be possible to have a good school when you have discipline ? Perhaps bright ( lets face it wealth is at least to some degree associated with intelligence in the parents and we know that genetics plays a part in the characteristics we inherit ) pupils do better when they are taught together and stretched - in a way that is impossible in a wide range of ability class.

The left hate state schools that do well as they are showing how bad the rest of their educational utopia is. The left's solution, as ever, is to destroy the evidence. They want all schools to fail ( they will never say as much - but since its the obvious implications of the so called solutions or wrecking policy changes they propose it must be what they really want. )

Hence the educational lottery proposal.

The results of this will be:

1) Middle class flight from our cities - which will sink further into dejection ( great for the left as they always keep lots of Guardianistas employed of high public salaries dealing with the problem - though those people will now need to live in the suburbs or risk the destruction of their own children by the hatred of their own state. )
2) More schools will fail. 1 pupil can destroy the education of the rest of his class. Spread them out and nobody learns.
3) Private education will become the norm for the middle classes.
4) Labour will be destroyed at the ballot box - this will make the poll tax look like a political master stroke. But only after destroy the lives of tens of thousands of children.
5) Educationalists will still not be happy and will want other measures to redress disadvantage - like marking the children of Tory voters the middle class down in exams without telling them.

Remember the left hate your children.


David-Barfield said...

This is a well thought out and careful analysis. I can't believe that mine is the only comment so far.

Your point about school discipline is very important. Local authorities order schools to take back unruly pupils with no concern that the pupils in the class will have their education suspended until the stipulated period is over. LEAs are the servants of political correctness. If parents ran the schools they would not allow teaching to be broken up for more than a couple of days by a malicious pupil- and often the family behind him and her.

The time is coming when the question of school discipline will have to be faced with honesty and resolution The government is going to invest millions of pounds in equipment for the new generation of vocational centres.

In the long probation time for anti-schooling louts that LEAs decree, a vast amount of this investment will have to be written off, as staff look on helpless to prevent its misuse.

Anonymous said...

It's only a little while since Labour was going on about parental choice on schools. Now it seems that choice is removed altogether because school admissions will be down to the equivalent of a winning raffle ticket.

Anonymous said...

The reason why there are no comments are that the "middle classes" are so gobsmacked at the way they are being attacked from all parts of New "Old Labour".

Now that Big Tone has gone (do not read into this that I liked the guy, precisely the opposite), the unresconstructed Stalinists are quickly reappearing.

Education strategy appears to be driven by the "politics of envy". A desire to support the worst of our children even if it risks dragging best down to their level.

The removal of charity status from private schools, the accusation that faith schools cause division are but two recent examples.

There appears to be no concept of allowing the teachers to act "in loco parentis".

I am angry, very angry, with these pigs with their snout in the trough.

I was amused & surprised to hear from Martin Bell that other voters are" on the point of insurrection" on Newsnight last week. I hope he is right.

ds said...

An argument only undone by the fact that many of the "lefties" you talk about are from the middle class and have children.

Now, as pompous and up-their-own-arses as many of these people are, I'm not convinced of their hatred of their own offspring.

Perhaps it's just that I'm a Guardian reader too, come from a working class background but now sit within the middle class (degree, professional qualifications and work in a university), would have cheerfully gunned down Tony Blair (and taken the potato-faced idiot Cameron with him), think of myself as being a left-wing libertarian, that Political Correctness is bollocks and have a young daughter, who I don't hate at all.

The choice for schools is a problem. Do you let the government continue with its target culture and deskilling of teachers or do you let teachers have more control? Given the way the Conservatives treated teachers in the 1980's (I remember all too well), running scared of all those rabble-rousing lefty pedagogues, I wouldn't hold out much hope at all.

Let's be honest, if the Conservatives do win the next election their job will be to keep those lovely middle-class floating voters happy; and they tend to live in metropolitan areas where the marketisation of schools other services and the extension of "choice" was designed to work. That's who the policy was for. It started in the 1990's with Major and no one will change anything now because the interests are now too deeply entrenched.

Martin Bell is quite right and it's not a party political thing. The whole system is rotten and people are getting angry. The Iarq war demonstrated that people are not apathetic about political issues, just about a party system and a parliament that is next to useless and, in some cases, positively harmful.

The times they ara a-changing, but I'm not sure that Cameron and the Tories will be the beneficiaries.

Man in a Shed said...

Intresting comments ds, thanks.

In answer to how the left handle their own children let me try this.

Some of them send them to private schools (Ruth Kelly, Diane Abbot), others to state schools with special status like the London Oratory (Blair et al) and grammar schools (Harriet Harman).

A friend of mine sends his kids to a local religious school in west London that is funded by the state. The parents also donate about £1 million/year to that school - so they can say they are giving their kids a state education, but avoid the implications of that. BBC types are often seen in that clientèle, probably Guardianista journalists also - I'll have to ask him.

I think you have a good point about the swing voters, who are perhaps generally in the middle class. In some ways that's why I think current Labour thinking will destroy the current government.

When Ed and Yvette Balls send their kids to any school that a lottery tells them to, then we can perhaps believe the left is willing to back its ideas with the future of its own children.

But as you correctly point out there is a deeper underlying problem with our entire political system, of whatever colour. Its something I think about quite a bit these days. I had half a post close to that subject written yesterday, but got irrupted by my own kids and its something that will take some time to finish - if I post it at all.

Martin Bell is certainly onto something.