Thursday, February 14, 2008

Isn't anti-royalism republicanism ?

The root of Labours failure and their electoral success over the last ten years has been their ability to lie and believe their own lies.

They use language to avoid uncomfortable truths and to hide reality from the public. We know their approach by the word 'spin'.

So get a load of this Labour are trying to accuse UKIP of anti-Royalism ( which is of course Republicanism - the default position of most Labour MPs is they suffered an outburst of honesty or if somebody put sodium pentathlon in the tea urn in the commons - you know that could be an idea, but I digress ).

Why - because they don't approve of the next in line to the thrown advocating removing powers from that throne to hand them over to the colleagues in Brussels ( known as treason ).

Labour just love deceit. They accuse another group of the thing that is at the heart of their movement by a bit of verbal gymnastics. But they gave up all pretence at morality and integrity when they became New Labour - which is really Stealth Labour. They have learnt never to be direct or honest with the people - hence why a barrister for Gordon Brown can argue that no one should believe their manifesto promises.

And they love inventing new ways of hiding what they truly believe - today that is anti-Royalism.


Wyrdtimes said...

The older I get the more useless the royals look. Charlie boy is a complete and utter waste of space.

Man in a Shed said...

I have to confess I share those sentiments.