Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Red line already being breached

You knew Gordon Brown and the gap year student Miliblogger were lying when he spoken about the red lines.

Apparently the Germans are already subverting the issue in terms of symbols and anthems - see Eu Referendum and links to other here.

The problem with Gordon deceitful red lines is all they are will be bargaining chips to be traded away in the future. the agenda for the EU has been set and Brown/Blair didn't stop it. The only option for the UK in the long run is to cave in.

Its been as successful as his grumpy failure in boycotting the Africa-EU summit.

In short the decisions Brown makes at EU level result in Britain losing every time - he is not fit to be prime minister.

( That's three posts ion half an hour, and I haven't had coffee yet - going to get some work done now, maybe the internet will need to go off for a bit ! )

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