Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Mr Brown wants some peoples children to die in Afghanistan, maybe yours...

Okay that a strong way of putting it, but Mr Brown has just repeated the warning made by UK military commanders that we will need to have troops in Afghanistan for 10 years.

Given John Reid told us they wouldn't need to fire a shot when they went to Helmand we can assume things are far worse than 10 years.

Yes there are children aged 8 at school this morning, in their nativity plays ( where anti-Christian socialism allows them ) who will be killed in Afghanistan by the policies of the current government. See my previous post on this.

Why ? Because they are admitting that the Afghan government can never hold the ring against the Taliban. For all this Soviet propaganda of Afghan Troops leading the way ( and they are no doubt recklessly brave ) - they would collapse without NATO troops to organise and provide back bone.

As the father of and 8 year old male child I think Mr Brown shoudl try a lot harder to this failure of policy is being tolerated - yet some people are even asking if we are losing the war.

I wonder if the families of all the men and women who died in Iraq are happy with events now that Mr Brown is handing the province over to the organisations that killed their loved ones. Was the sacrifice worth it ?

Our politicians have not been straight with us on Afghanistan - and that includes those on the right also.


jaymason44 said...

i served in the army and have 2 children neither of whom I would wish to serve in an underfunded army being used to fight needless political wars

Man in a Shed said...

Jay - one of my friends from school was one of the first to die in the Iraq invasion. Before we found out that Tony Blair had been lying about WMD.

I've been getting more cynical with time since.

I can't get over how casually they commit our people for 10 years - when that is a clear sign that things aren't working.