Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Our children, not yet born, will have to die in Afghanistan

Its always amazing to here how casually our politicians, and our Ambassadors (many being Tony's chums) are about other peoples lives.

The new British Ambassador to Afghanistan has said he thinks the British will be there for decades - even after the Americans leave.

Well given all the history of Afghanistan that means British soldiers will be dying in Afghanistan for decades. Children at primary school who occasionally glance at the TV as their parents watch the news and those not even born yet will have their lives cut short by the violence that Afghanistan always hands out to foreigners.

I realise there is some case for not providing comfort to the enemy by issuing time tables etc - but our politicians can not use that as an excuse for an open ended commitment to imperial adventure, to be paid with from the money and blood of other people. ( Can anyone name a Labour MP with Children in the armed services ? ).

Its totally unacceptable - and worse it shows confusion and a lack of leadership from our government. I guess we shouldn't be surprised as no one knows who to phone in Downing street these days - Blair and Brown trust each other so little that they both have to be on the phone to take Sarkozy's call.

We should make it clear that this is just not on !

As neither is the final disgrace from the Royal Navy with their weak white washing of the captured servicemen fiasco yesterday.

It seems to me that we have careerists in government (political and civil servants) and also the military who think little of the long term - only how it will go for their short posting as they move on to all the great goodies that await our pampered senior military, political and civil servants.

They have all forgotten their duty - which is to serve - not to help themselves.
(Sorry, bit of a rant there - but I'm fed up with the lot of them.)

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