Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Gordon Brown Meme

I have been tagged by Nadine Dorries to list things Gordon Brown should be.

Proud of:

Finishing his PhD (at least I assume he did) with a subject like the Scottish Labour party can't have been easy

Realising that most of his old socialist beliefs were wrong and going along with NuLabour.

Apologise for:

Forgetting that all his old socialist belief were wrong
Damaging the Union by Celtic devolution without equivalent English constitutional arrangements.

Do immediately when he becomes PM:

Sack Patricia Hewitt *.
Hold a public inquiry into the war in Iraq

Things he should do whilst PM.

Pull back British forces or increase their funding.
Privatise the BBC *.

* Note: I've copied Nadine in these two - they are just too good an idea to miss.

I tag The Waendel Journal , ContraTory , The Last Ditch, The UK Daily Pundit and Caroline Hunt.

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Caroline Hunt said...

Cheers for the tag but as you will see on my blog I'm resisting this one.