Thursday, June 21, 2007

Blair's conflicts of interest

Tony Blair's ego is on its last week in office. But there's still damage to be done in Europe - remember how much we are all now paying as Blair caved into Chirac over the so called "British Cheque" - with nothing in return. We've had the usual tough talking spin from Labour - that we know always proceeds a sell out.

Blair says he won't come home with anything that needs a referendum - we'll there's a self for filling prophecy then. There is just no good reason for Gordon Brown not to be negotiating - unless he's unfit for office, in which case Labour have been misleading us just as badly as the Lib Dems did over Charles Kennedy.

Now we also see that the US would like to employ him he'll need paying he's got those massive mortgages to service (its not exactly clear who will pay the bills - but its the US idea, so we can expect it serve their interests). Can you imagine a US ex-President being happy to be in the pay of a foreign power after leaving office ? You have to wonder why they feel so obliged to him ?

As always the husk of a party - the Labour party - fails to hold is Presidential style leader to account. Can you imagine the fuss from the Labour party, Lib Dems, BBC, Guardian and Independent if it was a Conservative leader doing these things ?

But in the end its the life long cost of Blair's compromises for his ego in Europe that worry me the most. Maybe the US will pay him 30 pieces for silver for its work in the middle east - I hear that's the going rate.

Update: There are rumours that Tony Blair is about to leave Anglicanism and convert to Catholicism - just after helping to create the federal Europe the Catholic church has wanted.


Anonymous said...

Hi, liked the profile name so much I thought I'd come along and say hello....hello.
Do you think the reason Labour is emptying the prisons is to make way for Blair and his ego?

Man in a shed said...

Thanks Baldockbalrick. I suspect Blair's most likely to end up in the Hague or with political asylum in the US !