Monday, May 14, 2012

The wets/modernisers will spike the EU referendum

There's a growing amount of excitement about the prospect of the political class giving in on the idea of a referendum on the UK's independence from the EU. Guido hints playfully that Labour might change their position to make life impossible for Dave.

But don't expect a fair fight, the wets and modernisers will spike the guns of the referendum before the campaign starts.

As the alternative Queen's speech on Conservative home hints the wets and modernisers have many tricks up their sleeves to keep the UK as a trophy for their Brussels masters. The Referendum on renegotiation is just the start of their creativity.

Any referendum in the current climate, especially one suggesting change is most likely to fail. Make it appear to be all about Angles dancing on the heads of euro-pins and the contempt from the public will be nuclear.

The political class know this and I think we can safely expect them to exploit it.

So we may finally get our referendum, but we won't like the question and we will like the answer even less.

Its going to be a much tougher and long term fight to liberate the UK from the EU than just a vote on a single day.

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