Friday, May 11, 2012

The Culture wars come to the UK

Fraser Nelson has a good article about how unwise David Cameron has been to pick a fight with his own activists in the mistaken belief that their a limitless supply of mindless valueless people to replace conservatives he's alienating by destroying marriage with his redefinition for triangulation plan.

But also on offer today is news of how some thugs are trying to intimidate the author of the Cramer blog, using the Advertising Standards Authority,  and the new thought crime of making someone else think you've been homophobic. Read it an weep here.

What this shows is that all the reassurances from Cameron and Clegg about the Church and other not being forced to change their view on marriage were the utter rubbish that the voters last week took them for.

It also shows that its time to repeal all this half baked legislation from Labour about "feelings" where someone can use their feelings to make someone else a criminal.

One of the reasons I hold a UKIP party card and not a Conservative one is that the Equality Act is still on a statue books.

Update: See the Law Society banning discussion of Marriage here ( which is legal and the basic pillar of our society for all its history ) . Note they are happy to debate illegal things like self murder.

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Woman on a Raft said...

Excellent summary.