Friday, May 11, 2012

Mindless stupidity, carelessness and selfishness

Now this is going to be slightly off the wall, but its based on one of those "expressing yourself" ideas that some "artists" ( Guardian readers all no doubt ) have had.

They want to send tweets at a nearby star system that could have an earth like planet around it.

Why is this unwise ?

For the same reason we don't let our children talk to strangers, or indeed climb over the fence in the tiger enclosure to pat the nice kitty on the head.

Maybe ET is home, only he's not a cuddly BMX ridding alien who just wants to be our friend, but a technically advanced aggressive socio path who's evolutionary imperative has taught him ( don't even get me started on that ) to eliminate potential threats and ask questions later. ( Indeed if the Universe if full of life this type of alien probably fills it for reasons you can work out in about 1 minute of thought. )

And if ET does want to be our friend he'll wait a bit longer until we have the military capability to ensure he stays that way.

Sending out a message to the dark is insane, especially give that any answer is much more likely to be the growling of wolves closing in that the wonders of the Universe being given away for free. ( And just so we're straight - if ET can cover interstellar space for a fight then he's going to win hands down - there will be no "resistance movements" like on the TV/Hollywood. )

These artists are probably just talking to themselves, and we had all better hope so. But they don't have the right to put everyone at risk and should be stopped.


Anonymous said...

MiaS, you assume that the intelligent life out there would pay any attention to the inane and moronic haiku sent by these so-called artists.

I also expect that these so-called artists are also arrogant enough to believe that intelligent life on other planets can understand English.

Anonymous said...

A stranger is just an enemy you haven't made yet.