Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Horror on late night TV

I was up far too late last night and for a few minutes started watching a film called Quarantine - according the the info button on my TV this was about a news team caught up in a block of flats filled with rabid tenants. This bit I saw involved a dog foaming at the mouth and heading towards the TV crew before some poor chap allowed the lift to open across the hall and Fido decided to savage that individual instead whose last act was to allow the lift doors to close followed by much screaming and slobbering from Fido.

But what was really honorific was on BBC2 where Michael Portillo was going between Greece and Germany and offering people who had just admitted the Euro was a disaster and everything was going to hell in a hand cart the possibility of their own currency back. To a man and woman in a display of Stockholm syndrome that will have warmed the hearts in Brussels each captive went for the instrument of their destruction - the Euro when offered the choice. There are no lessons learnt and there is no hope.

At that point it was well past bed time - but given the choice the adventures of Fido the dog with the shaving foam just making friends by savaging people looked like the less disturbing viewing.


farmland as an investment said...

I'd say # 2 sounds worse, although my 8 year old would probably have some bloody bad nightmares from # 1. I actually just saw a movie not long ago acalled Contagion - here a review: http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2011/oct/22/contagion-film-truth-viral-pandemic Now this was a great one, legit science, kind of scary stuff. Quarantine looks like something one would watch at University and drink shots of vodka with your group.

DerekP said...

1 - It was on the BBC. Of course they showed people wanting to stick to the Euro.

The BBC is discredited as a news provider - it is an EU propaganda channel.

Don't forget this is the same BBC that is currently pushing a national news story, that it has to cover to some extent, back to small local news items. I refer, of course, to the child-rape crimewave that is taking place through any part of England where there is a sizeable 'favoured' population, and a PC police force that is scared of being called a nasty name for doing their duty.

2 - Most of the MSM in EU countries push the same message about what a disaster it would be to be out of the EU (and Euro). Most people get their news and political perspective from the MSM.

3 - If politically EU-aware blog clients had been asked there would have been a different response. I'm just surprised the BBC didn't throw in a few and edit to present them as nutters, such is the level of BBC 'impartiality'.