Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Another chance missed

There's been a lot of excitement about the RaspberryPi computer - designed to give us Dad's some credibility when we re tell stories to the youth of today about falling off RAM packs, 1k space invaders, and having to transpose Commador Pet computer programmes line by line from Electronics Weekly to work on our own home computers ( in my case a Sharp MZ-80k ). Yes the opportunity has presented itself to make the kids suffer too - which must be why their eyes glaze over every time I mention getting one.

By accident the brave hero's who gave us the Raspberry Pi have stumbled across a new market segment - the plug into TV computer.

Will the UK be leading the world in the commercialisation of this idea ? Or will some other lucky nation be picking up the opportunity. You can guess the answer.

Now if the government did something to encourage this sort of imitative then perhaps we'd get growth. But as we all know government is hopeless a picking winners - just see the green technology disaster for details.

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