Friday, December 09, 2011

Well an apology is in order

I have to say ( and did in the last post ) that I never thought David Cameron would do it.

But he has finally used the veto. So I owe him an apology and am happy to give it here. Sorry Mr Cameron.

But there is much much more to do. The UK needs to line itself up with the world and not old sick Europe. All the people who moaned about our not being in the Euro are going to go into over drive now.

But remember we import more from the EU than we export.

We are net contributors to the outrageous EU budget.

Along with the French we are a key military power ( just ).

We must not sell ourselves short. Though the predictable hedging of bets from the Labour party suggest there are many would would like to see just that.

Now how about that referendum ?


Anonymous said...

You really, really think that?

Tim Read said...

Which bit ? ( Well I meant all of it - but I wondering which bit causes you to stand back ? )

The Boiling Frog said...

He hasn't used a veto - he's being deliberately deceptive.

Barking Spider said...

There's something else going on here that the MSM are either not aware of, (what's new), or deliberately avoiding telling us - Cameron doesn't have that many balls so I tend to think that his "veto" was pre-arranged with Merkozy to help his position at home.

Man in a Shed said...

BS - yes it looks scripted.