Tuesday, December 06, 2011

David Cameron must have a very low opinion of the voters

This "I'll veto any treaty not in Britain's interests" thing is fooling no one David. We can all see your spin on the betrayal of UK interests.

If not then can I suggest the following moves:

    Unilateral withdrawal from the Common Fisheries policy and Common Agricultural policy might convince us of your good faith ( breaking treaties seems easy for the Euro countries for whom the law is just their flexible friend ).

We recognise weasel words when we hear them and only accept actions now - after 13 years of Blair & Brown ( and not a little Clegg and the two face lying Lib Dems who admitted to the US Embassy how their position kept changing to avoid letting the people vote ).

I was planning on taking some time to think about my political future, but I wonder if I really need it.

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James Higham said...

It would have been better and said he has no intention of supporting the UK because at least some of us might have respected his honesty and courage, if not his policy.