Friday, December 09, 2011

Why aren't the Lib Dems more upset ?

This is the Dog that did not bark in the night question.

One answer is that they have been forewarned and know how this will all play out now that Cameron has established his euro sceptic credentials.

Sorry the cynicism is back.

Hold on - here comes the Lib Dem backing both sides ... that's a bit better.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha, great minds think alike.

This was my very point I made in the Pub Where We Solve All The World's Problems this very lunch time.

(It's also known as The Prat's Head)

Man in a Shed said...

I note the Lib Dem MEPs are having a bit on a tantrum.

But Vince is still in his box - something is up.

You've got to wonder, or I guess the alternative is just to get given your opinions - in the good old socialist way.

cuffleyburgers said...

Yes but to some extent he has put himself in a corner; I agree with your analysis that it is being played up as a "very well, alone" moment including by the colleagues but with expectations now so high Cameron will be courting disaster if he relaxed his defence, however, however, the leopard never changes his spots and Cameron is THTB and a traitor of his nation so we should continue to expect further betrayals.

Having said that, events are now moving so fast that the time they have bought themselves with this fudge will be up in a matter of weeks ie. long before they can make any progress on their plan after which the mood in this country can only become more EU sceptic, and even Cameron's calculus may yet change.

Simon Cooke said...

The lib dems aren't more upset because they can read opinion polls - precipitate a general election and they are all but wiped out.

Simple really