Monday, December 12, 2011

Ok so the Euroquislings are upset now ( took a while )

All those who gained from the UK being sold out to Brussels ( or Frankfurt ) have suddenly realised being a Quisling may not be so good for them after all.

The temper tantrums are in, about 24 hrs late, inclining all the usual suspects:

    Nick Clegg ( a bit staged )
    Red Vince ( still trying to time that shock resignation right )
    Michael Heseltine( only time he gets out is to stab his party in the back )
    Paddy "sanctimonious as ever" Ashdown
    Little #RedEd as his 6th form debating chums in the Labour club (notice interview on the telly in the jumper his mother promised would make him look such a smart boy on the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation ).

and of course the entire BBC ( more evidence of why the BBC needs to be broken up - not that you need any more ).

However we still can't be sure what the actual game being played is. The delay in Nick Clegg's save himself reaction suggests some sort of a deal has been done to allow David Cameron to save himself from his party, just as Nick Clegg is given the right to go on anti-Tory manoeuvres to save his own position.

If so its the #EuroQuislings who will have the last laugh, and England that will pay and suffer.

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