Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What will Gordon's biggest lie be in the budget this time ?

So it looks like Gordon's going to go through the theatre of a pre-election budget.

This can mean only one thing - he's going to get Darling to lie big time.

He'll no doubt use his traditional tricks including:

  1. Hiding in the small print - so the headlines won't pick up on the downside.
  2. Lots are straight bold lies - eg "Best placed in Europe to weather the recession " "No more boom & Bust" etc etc.
  3. Lies within lies eg "Because of the great economic performance we are able to borrow at this time of need without risk ". ( Its easy to pick up on the second one, but if your not careful you swallow the first. )
  4. Stealth wealth confiscation - eg death taxes and continuing to steal from peoples private pensions whilst using the money to buy votes for himself.
What else do you think he'll try ( let be straight here Alistair Darling will be like a Thunderbirds puppet here - he'll do the master of lies bidding. )

Any ideas what the biggest Porkie Brownie will be ?

And also

Let not forget the smears and lies they will use the budget to tell about the opposition. What will the most outrageous of these be ? Will there be a bigger deceit and smear than Brown used to lie to the people about Conservative spending plans in 2005 ?


Letters From A Tory said...

You are assuming that Brown and Darling will even attempt to properly cost and calculate their policy giveaway....

Mark Wadsworth said...

I think they'll include the traditional lies like

a) We will guarantee/have guarantee jobs or training for [random large number] of young people

b) Tax Credits and the National Minimum Wage have helped [random large percentage] of families and helped [large number] of people on low incomes.

We will increase the Tax Credits by [random number] and increase the NMW by [random number] to help hard-working families through the recession.

Demetrius said...

Whatever they propose is likely to be blown away by events that are out there and coming over the horizon.