Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Austerity Brown

The latest dividing line from the man who keeps thinking of politics as his own personal playground battle is to say the Tories would enjoy austerity.

The polls warn us that a hung parliament, or thanks to the anti-English and anti-Tory bias in our electoral system a Labour minority govt ( the favourite of every Lib Dem except perhaps Nick Clegg - whose tried to work with Brown once a learnt the hard way ), is possible. The markets are scared at the thought.

And here's why.

Who do you think has the competence to cut back the state and reform it so that it performs better without sucking all the oxygen out of the economy as it does now ?

    Gordon Brown - whom even the Labour party has called the road block to reform.
    David Cameron - who has reformed the Conservative party and who has a order of magnitude more able team of MPs to chose from to head up a government.

It quite clear that Brown would fail at Austerity just as he has failed at everything else.

Can you afford it ? Can we afford Gordon's ego and incompetence for another 5 years ? Will anyone in the world be willing to lend us the money to indulge him ?


Quiet_Man said...

When Cameron offers me something I want other than not being Gordon Brown, I'll think about voting for him, until then I'll vote for someone who does.

Man in a Shed said...

Despite all you see in the media we still have cabinet government - even if Labour haven't been able to manage it.

The talent pool in the Conservative party is a lot deeper than the one that puts two brother, a husband a wife, a token woman and a bully as its senior leaders.

And the only choice on offer is between Conservatives, Labour or giving your vote to someone else who might make that decision for you.

Its not an ideal choice, it might not be pretty, but there it is. At least that's the way I look at it.