Thursday, March 11, 2010

Brown is to arrogant to engage in debate

If Gordon Brown needs your opinion, then he'll give it to you.

Of all the modern politicians he is the one least likely to engage in intelligent debate where ideas are developed, justified and defended by facts and ideas.

Brown just makes assertions.


    "It is right that"
    "It is wrong that"
    and today "It is incredibly unfair"

What none of these statements never have following them is an attempt to justify those assertions. ( See his assertions on his crimanl underfunding of our armed services here - notice all the dirty little tricks he uses - especially that New Labour classic the over defined rebuffed accusation - did you spot it ? Yes the "urgent operational requirements" is it. He's hoping the public think that's the same thing as the military requesting more helicopters or replacements for old and worn out kit. )

Just whilst we're here lets reflect on what this tells us about Brown and Labour. They prefer deceit to the truth. They prefer crushing debate to justifying their actions. Labour is instinctively anti-democratic, authoritarian and bullying in nature. No wonder Gordon Brown managed to bully his way into becoming their unelected leader and the UK's unelected PM.

There are two reasons for this:

1) Often Brown just can't justify himself - like when he tells one of his infamous lies.
2) He knows that for the majority of the population they aren't listening to the argument, just the tone. Due to the left wing compliant MSM in the UK he can get away with just making pompous assertions, and be sure he'll never be challenged.

Its the second reason where the real damage to our country is inflicted, and this can only happen because the same brave reporters who will hound a Conservative spokesperson on the same point for ten minutes - just swallow Brown's assertions whole.

They are failing the population, and they are making our politics dysfunctional.

Brown needs to be held to account - and the MSM just don't seem intrested.


Mark Wadsworth said...

... but I'm not "too" arrogant to go round leaving pedantic comments.

Man in a Shed said...

.. oh yes ..