Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The new Chinook's are just combat replacements

The UK is losing about 2 Chinooks a year at the moment.

It has just ordered 22 over 10 years. ( Note they will turn up when the US is willing to defer the ones its ordered from Boeing. )

That's loss replacement rate - and doesn't even cover the general wear and tear.

This from Gordon Brown who cut the UK helicopter budget by £1.4 billion when he thought no one would notice.

So folks is just spin again and re-announcements.

But it makes great cover for the desperate cuts to defence spending Brown is having to rush out to save a run on the bond markets.

PS Odd the BBC doesn't pick this up ( just kidding - of course its not odd at all after all the BBC is institutionally left wing )


Demetrius said...

So what happens if they lose three or four a year? Possible, and under certain conditions probable. In the early years of the Cold War doing this kind of calculation on heavy equipment led to figures that were unexpected. As you say, this is a quick bodge for spin purposes.

Mrs Rigby said...

It isn't only that they're "replacements", they're a lot more in recent news about military funding cuts - all apparently to pay for these chinooks.

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You are quite right. But there is much decepiton at work here, sory my inepitude prevents me from leaving a live link but here is my point


This is whats behind it all its simply cuts dressed up as new investment, and it stinks!

Anonymous said...

Brown's morality is far worse than the collective content of any prison's inmates.