Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Hangover

There are times when I wish the radio was more like a telephone. This morning when a left wing ( perhaps closet Marxist ? ) economist was on radio 4's today program talking about how great Gordon Brown destroying the country's future for the next few decades with debt was one of them.

He suggested more and more taxes to pay for the parasitic sector of the economy ( like his job for example ).

Gordon Brown's greatest political trick has been to persuade the public that public debt doesn't matter.

Only in Ireland, Greece and Latvia as well as Iceland they know better. If that man I heard this morning tried that 100% copper bottomed bullshit in those countries he would run the risk of being lynched on the street.

But not in still in denial Britain.

I guess Brown thinks the suffering for his hate of the English people by destroying their wealth ( 4th to 7th in the world since Labour took over and dropping very fast indeed ) will be blamed on the Conservatives.

His policy is pure evil, and our hangover from the Labour government will be very real and very painful.

Its time people started to realise that that's the key characteristic of the Labour party also. They will never admit to their plan or its consequences. They will lie, deceive, dodge and spin from the truth at every opportunity. They're useless marxist co travellers in academia will appear on radio to spread the untruth of socialism and marxism, and laugh as misery and poverty close in on the English people.

These people are as much our enemies as Al Qaeda is, and they are doing far more damage. It time we recognised them for what they are.

PS Notice the dark arts from Labour today who want emergency arbitrary defence cuts to have the headlines "more helicopters for Afghanistan". The BBC is pushing this line as you might expect from such a left wing organisation.

Note they say 20 more helicopters over 20 years. My guess is that will hardly replace combat and wear and tare. @Parlez_me_nTory reminds us this morning on twitter that Gordon cuts the helicopter budget by £1.4bn .

Further: We need a hash tag on twitter for the UK national debt / deficiet issue.How about #UKDebt or #UKNatDebt ?

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