Monday, December 14, 2009

Doesn't Brown have a job to do ?

Why do we pay Gordon Brown anything at all ?

He's hardly ever doing anything except campaigning for hiomself and his Labour fellow spongers.

He's just spent two days trying to make sure David Cameron wasn't the last UK politician to visit Afghanisan before Christmas.

Today he's been answering questions over the internet on a very heavily censured ( in a style that makes East Germany look like it was an open democracy ) internet chat.

Soon we are told us he's keen to be the "first leader" to Copenhagen. ( All the other leaders have jobs to do you understand. )

Whatever he does there you just know it will cost us a fortune, and will be with the sole aim to abuse UK government power for the electral advantage of the grubby Labour party.

Labour are the most shameless, useless government this country has ever known lead by the most selfish, gutless and desperate prime minister we have ever had in living memory.

I can't wait for the general election to throw this old man out. He has done the most damage any signle man has ever done to our country.

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