Thursday, December 17, 2009

The betrayal in Copenhagen

Its really getting to be a mess in Copenhagen.

The protesters outside are having like the marxist thugs many of the undoubtedly are.

The highly paid protesters in the jamboree ( NGO types etc mostly working with money politicians have bunged them to help manipulate the minds of the democracies represented there ).

The low capability ministers such as Miliband Jnr and Brown who go round posing and trying to pretend they have some great insight into the process.

The meetings organisers who can't even make up their minds who running the show.

The scroungers ( read self styled third world ) who think they've found a new seem of free money gullible democracies will just send them.

They are all making the whole exercise one no one will ever want to repeat.

And of course the science is very much in question - despite the millions spend on propaganda and what we now know to be lies about "The science being settled".

The whole thing is a farce and would be laughable if only we could be sure it won't end up with Gordon Brown promising billions upon billions just for a few seconds of headlines on the evening news.

I think the whole thing is bordering on criminal. Many of the people involved in the fiasco know it for what it is. They destroy wealth and capability to do good by their own selfish and narrow minded wish to see their aims achieved at any price ( to someone else of course ).

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