Sunday, November 29, 2009

We have grown used to the lies and nothing can shock us any more

I'm alarmed by the current Iraq inquiry.

Not because the emerging confirmation of what most of us believed to be true anyway - that the Iraq war was about regime claim and the WMD claims were false and that only the parlour game of denials etc from Blair and Labour prevented that getting in the open -but because I can hardly raise myself to condemn it.

NHS hospitals, rated "good", are killing their patients by the sort of neglect Florence Nightingale set out to correct. ( That that's before we get into the state sanctioned execution protocols for the elderly and weak - see Liverpool pathway. We are a society that recoils from the death penalty for the most heinous monsters, but is happy for Granny to be staved to death as long as it has the work protocol before it. )

How weary we have become of the lies, spin and deceit.

How little hope we have that anything will ever be done.

Does anyone think Blair and his cabinet (including Brown) will stand trial for Iraq ?

This is what Labour have reduced us to. A country that no longer expects honesty backed by the threat of justice or even the rule of its own laws.

A country where an unelected prime minister signs away our sovereignty without even asking us as he promised to do in the Labour manifesto.

Britain's again the sick man of Europe - and England is locked up in the cellar, and our malady has many different forms. But the cause has been the immorality of the Labour party.


Mark Wadsworth said...

True. It's all just lies, lies, lies, and we've got used to it.

As to Iraq/WMD, simple logic says that Bush'n'Blair must have known that Iraq didn't have any WMD ready to fire within 45 minutes, or else they would never have dared invade and announce it weeks in advance.

Contrast this with the Cold War. Each side knew what the other was capable of, so there was never a direct conflict between the two.

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James Higham said...

Lies are used as a tactic.

Wyrdtimes said...

Your pals the Tories will do nothing for England

Anonymous said...

And the Tories elected the 'Heir to Blair'. Say no more.

Man in a Shed said...

Not having Labour in government will do much for England.

But your right the Conservative party has a very long way to move towards recognising the English nation. But it will be a journey worth travelling as it is the only party ever likely to do anything about issues like an English Parliament. Its a matter of winning the argument.