Monday, November 09, 2009

More reviews - more spin - more Labour

Jack Straw is trying the "nothing to do with us" ploy on the plan to imprison less rapists and thugs by just giving them a telling off and sitting them on the local police naughty step for 5 mins - and save the government a great deal of money. ( It will also improve crime detection rates - as the police will become very familiar with who's doing all the criminal activity as they've just told them of last week ).

Jack says that, given there's going to be a TV programme about it, he'll set up a review (copyright (C) Gordon Brown and do nothing associates 2007 ).

The review ploy is being rolled out to increase student fees for Tory voters (that's what this means when you add in all the guff about social inclusion etc). The review is to be carried out by that good mate of Lord Mandelson who had to resign from BP. I wonder what conclusion he'll come to ?

The reviews serve the same purpose - to help with media management and to deceive the voters from true intentions.

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