Monday, November 09, 2009

A sign that Labour have given up on the country - for now

Labour are now discussing policies that are electorally suicidal openly before a general election. Clearly they have given up on winning this time.

Specifically forms of wealth tax lead by she of the private education and selective education for her children Harriet Harman ( who tried to blame it on her family vote - neglecting to remind people her husband is a well know trade unionist who was treasurer of the Labour party ).

These are just the sort of policies that would have Project Blair spinning round in fury. They understand what Mondeo man thinks of them.

But Labour no longer cares.

The new policy is to hurt the people as much as possible and lie to them and hope that the blame for the remedy will hurt the Tories too and limit them to one term in government.

In the mean time there's the few Labour activists left to be pandered to with the hate and envy that makes up for the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of socialism. You'll notice this is a pattern - Labour supporters when presented with over whelming evidence of the evil results of their creed gather together to put their fingers in their ears - hum real loud and remind each other why they hate the Tories ( as the lives of millions are ruined by their policies ).

The truth has been unavoidable since the fall of socialism in 1989 in Berlin. Socialism is a selfish creed whose adherents know they are wrong, but prefer to delude themselves and hurt others for the power of ordering people around and having their own way.

That's why John Major was right to call Socialism "the ideology that dare not speak its name" after the fall of the iron curtain. But it was also advice they used to invent the raft of stealth policies that Labour have now implemented - mass immigration, destroying educational standards to justify social engineering, destroying the military, using human rights to destroy the old structures of society, using the tax and benefit system to punish marriage, using the law to make orthodox Christian views a crime if you admit them in the name of other rights and setting up an oppression system that will b very useful for them latter on.

But our socialists who have hidden and deceived their way back into power continue their project by stealth using climate change, diversity, equality and social mobility as their excuses.

The results are only too evident as the Brown/Blair project decays in front of our eyes and their bloody minded selfishness refuses to allow a government that could help the country until the last possible moment.

Update: Also see Melanie Phillips on "We were fools to think the fall of the Berlin Wall had killed off the far Left. They're back - and attacking us from within" - as ever she makes the point much better than I can.

Further: Apparently Labour's private polling is suggesting they could be reduced to 120 seats. This confirms the sudden panic to shore up core vote.


Letters From A Tory said...

It is class warfare, pure and simple.

It's the last throw of the dice for the dying government and they won't hold back.

Man in a Shed said...

@LFAT I assume its also party an appeal to their core vote.

Labour must now privately be fearing a Canadian or Italian style wipe out, especially if their main client vote stays at home. ( The Afghan war, Expenses and mass immigration policy all annoy their core vote the most ).

But by doing so they are giving up on the middle ground.

Its a tactical policy of desperation.

Demetrius said...

Is Brown shadowing the Euro?