Monday, November 09, 2009

The EU will be after something if it appoints David Miliband as special representative

Labour are on the verge of an electoral wipe out and the foreign policy over the last few years has been pretty poor and embarrassing for the UK.

So its not talent the EU is after if they appoint the boy Miliband.

They will want something else.

My guess is the permanent UK seat on the security council. Which they might imagine will be easier to steal with a Brit appearing to still be at the top of the EU foreign mission.

Lisbon has plenty of unfinished business to achieve. All those new powers and majority voting need to be exploited and the UK bullied and humiliated into further surrenders.

Well that's just my guess.

PS Note to Tim Montgomerie - EUSSR does conveys what we are up against quite nicely. Who knows with the federalist projects many name changes and socialist and corporatist tendencies who is to say that's not what it won't end up being called anyway ?

Update: Despite BBC reports to the contrary rumours are still circulating about David Miliband with the Germans being suggested as being ready to nominate him. (It is perhaps a plan by the Germans to try to weaken the next British government by putting a ideological opponent into high office in the EU. )


James Higham said...

Oh yes, we're up against it all right but a grassroots groundswell of discontent will throw it into sharp relief. Hence this alliance.

Man in a Shed said...

It appears Miliband is ruling himself out and wanting to stay home.

Surely its now too late to replace Brown as PM for Labour ?

Weekend Yachtsman said...

I've said it before somewhere else, but I'll say it again.

In five years' time, the permanent members of the UNSC will be the USA, Russia, China, France, and the EU.

Unless it's extended beyond five members, in which case India might be in there too.