Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Europe - part 2

So the news is just in, Vaclav Claus has signed the EU constitution and the conspirators of the European Union have pulled of the greatest anti-democratic coup since Hitler had the Reichestag burnt down.

We have been cynically sold out by Labour who lied on their election manifesto and have insulted peoples intelligence with the weasel words on the Lisbon Treaty being something different. And let us never forget this treachery and the traitors ( specifically Miliband and Brown who sold England out for their own personal reasons ).

Those who voted Lib Dem have been betrayed as Nick Clegg found a formula that allowed him to do what he wanted to do anyway, just without his party telling people they would do it in 2005.

So finally its time to see David Cameron's hand. ( And lets pause for a moment to consider what our democracy has come to when the views of any political leader count more than the principles of their party or the manifestos they stood on. Are we really a functioning democracy at all ? )

The hints and leaks are that David Cameron will announce that there will be no referendum on the Lisbon Treaty but that there will be a manifesto commitment to repatriate some powers.

So what to think and what to do ?

I've mentioned in comments elsewhere that in my nightmares Peter Hitchens is right and the current Conservative party and especially its leader are not really Conservatives at all. What's coming up is one of those litmus tests of this concern.

But I'm not quite ready to let it dominate my waking hours yet, although I have to acknowledge the possibility it may be the case.

Like many Conservatives the thought of sending the party card in cut up pieces back to CCHQ has crossed my mind today - and I know from conversations that I'm not the only one.

But there is a fundamental calculation that has to be made. Does the next election matter more than starting down the long road to a greater change in our political system by embracing a minor party that is Eurosceptic, knowing that in the short term this will just help Gordon Brown and if we do too much of that then there will be no long term UK future.

Such a course of action is a project in terms of decades, during which time we will be vacating political ground to the left ( unless AV PR comes in ).

Add to that the utter desperation of the current financial status of our country and the accelerating attempts to put the jack boot of authoritarian socialism on the country's wind pipe by the likes of Brown, Balls & Mandelson ( and the stiletto of Harman ) and its time to start thinking of getting your ducks in a row.

I would therefore suggest the appropriate plan of action for those not committed to the surrender of their country to a foreign power or its economic destruction and enslavement by socialism is as follows:

    1) Defeat Labour at the next election, and if necessary pipe down to ensure it happens.
    2) Hold Cameron and Hague's feet to the fire of ensuring the UK's survival as a sovereign state over the next 5 years.
    3) Rebellion and insurrection as necessary if 2 fails, but only after 1 has been dealt with.

David Cameron is announcing the new line at 4pm tomorrow today. I guess he didn't want to have it played over in PMQs. David Cameron has turned our party around as a political force ( though perhaps Michael Howard started the process ), and has delivered on the EPP - the the fury of the Euro Imperialists - so all hope is not lost.

And if hope fails - then will come rebellion.


James Higham said...

I posted yesterday on the practical ways the Tories should now split and govern in coalition with the UKIP and LPUK. It can be done and there are practical steps towards it.

The time for trusting Cameron and Clarke is now over.

ContraTory said...

I rather like Daniel Finkelstein’s take on this issue. Matthew Parris makes an interesting argument too

Man in a Shed said...

Your one step ahead of me ContraTory - part 3 was going to be a survey of other reactions. I'll add those two to my list.

Though I thought I'd get this post done after watching Horizon last night, but didn't bank of the wife using the computer till near mid night.

Too tired to do that two days in a row .... so it may be a day or two.

Weekend Yachtsman said...
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Weekend Yachtsman said...

I disagree.

It doesn't matter what Cameron says now, nobody will ever believe a word of it - and why should they.

In every other respect they're just the same as NuLab.

Do you think they'll really abolish ID cards? What? They've promised to? Was that a "cast-iron" promise too, or some other sort?

No, it's all over with them. Con/Lab/Lib, it really makes no difference, Brussels will be running the show anyway.

Vote UKIP or not at all.

Man in a Shed said...

@Weekend Yachtsman - the problem is vote UKIP get Labour.

And if you elect Labour then you push the EUSSR project further down the track.

That's just the hard facts.

The opportunity for UKIP now is to do something really smart and not stand against Conservative candidates in marginals. This would mean Cameron would owe UKIP about 10 seats - perhaps even his majority, if the Conservatives win.

That would place him under a form of obligation and the obvious threat of standing again next time to cost him a second term.

You could still stand in the local elections which will be at the same time to keep your vote fresh and loyal.

Demetrius said...

A while ago I posted on the subject of Brown's "scorched earth" strategy. This is a key example. Whatever government wins the 2010 Election they are going to have few options and little room to work in.