Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Europe - part 1

I've been looking for the Youtube clip below for a day or two. Yes its at our expense, but that doesn't mean its not funny. And things that are funny tend to refer to a painful truth.

I'll be back to blog on the subject latter ( when I've got some work done ).

PS For anyone who thinks I shouldn't put up stuff that pokes fun at my party - you're going to need considerably thicker skins shortly. All those left wing comedians and BBC political comedy commissioning managers (with the honourable exception of "The thick of it" team ) have almost been unemployed for 12 years - it will all change very quickly if we win office.


James Higham said...

MiaS - what do you think of today's Tory announcement? I've made my thoughts clear.

Man in a Shed said...

I haven't yet seen an official announcement, but have seen the leaks on Conservative Home.

Your question is the one I'm working myself up top answering from my perspective in part 2.

ContraTory said...

The video clip is amusing.

The subject of "Europe" is of concern only to the "conservative" Right. The electorate at large might moan about it, but in the great scheme of things most people are not greatly moved by the issue. Of course to Labour and its Media commentators, it is now the only means available by which to try to upset David Cameron's applecart.