Friday, October 23, 2009

There must be a public enquiry into whether Labour allowed mass immigration for political purposes

I've just seen reports of this in the Daily Telegraph quoting Andrew Neather, a former adviser to Tony Blair, Jack Straw and David Blunkett.

I have always suspected this has been Labour's policy and its in part why I hold them in such low regard that they are willing to sacrifice the interests of our country just for votes, spite and narrow political advantage.

This looks like the misuse of power and frankly I think criminal charges should result. ( Imagine the uproar from the left over Michael Howard doing anything like this ? Or you don't have to imagine think of the Shirley Porter and the sale of homes for votes scandal. That was just for a few votes - how about letting 2 million people in just for votes ! )

To start with their must be a public inquiry into immigration and the reason's for Labour allowing a flood of millions of people they said wasn't happening into our country.

On the other hand:
It does occur to me that this might itself be a dirty trick by Labour to get the Conservatives making immigration noises so Labour can rerun the other great smear and lie they used in 2005 which had every interview with a Conservative spokesperson ( any spokeperson ) drowned out by questions on immigration. Is Mr Neather dropping his former bosses in it or has he been primed to kick this off ? This would fit the strange actions of Peter Hain and using the BNP to frighten people back into voting Labour. The only thing we know for sure is they are capable of anything and have no shame or honour and most certainly always put their political party before the country.


wonderfulforhisage said...

I'd say all this stems from Marxism. A fairly significant proportion of the NuLab great and the good are former Marxist.
Marx advocated revolution and justified it by claiming that since a Communist utopia was inevitable then a revolution was just to job to hasten the happy ending. In other words the end (happy) justified the means (revolution).

Cometh the hour of NuLabour the end, a Communist utopia (multicultural) justified the lying and cheating we have been subjected to these past twelve years.

And the Heir to Blair is out of the same mould. His 'end' may not be a Communist utopia, and one wonders if it is any more than getting the key the key to no.10 onto his keyring, but he's shown himself more than prepared to use spin and spivery to achieve an 'end'.

A pox on all their houses. It seem that Nick G. has managed to rattle them all which has been lead me to wonder what it is they fear.

Man in a Shed said...

I'd like to see some real accountability for stealth policies that Labour have undertaken in taxation, immigration and defence.

If you have a mandate for mass immigration - then fine.

If you carry it our by deceit then there needs to be retribution of else we will never be governed honestly again.

Mark Wadsworth said...

We don't need a "public enquiry" we just need a party to come up with a sensible immigration policy (i.e. turning the clock back to pre-1997 rules) and then we can all vote for them.

UKIP's stated policy in this regard seems a little jingo-istic, but it certainly the best that's on the table right now.

James Higham said...

I can't see why anyone is surprised about this - I've been saying this for three years. There was a most definite agenda and immigration was one part of it, to water down the nation.

Anonymous said...

Most of us suspected this and when commenting on blogs such as the Telegraph's, Labour's half-wit lackies flooded said comment pages with howls of "conspiracy theorists"!

Can anyone think of any conspiracy which was broadcast in advance of its implementation?