Thursday, October 22, 2009

Are Labour using the BNP to scare its voters back ?

It occurs to me that there has been far too much protesting about Nick Griffin being on QT. Most of it from the left and their thugs in the various anti fascist organisations ( yes they're as anti democratic and worrying as the BNP is itself ).

Then we had Peter Hain making sure the subject occupied 2-3 days of prime media coverage this week.

Nick Griffin thinks they've all been idiots providing him free publicity, but I see a darker and more sinister explanation - one that the Labour have form for - of negative campaigning combined with trying to frighten and bully people into supporting them.

The Stop the BNP message works well for Labour with the ethnic groups they lost because of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. They can bribe the white working class nearer the election - if they can make it sound credible after so many years of broken promises.

I think Labour are actually finding an aspect of all this very useful indeed and may even have fanned the blames of this debate deliberately ( either that or Griffin is right about Hain et al ). Think about it, Labour the party of the media Grid letting a story build up due to actions of a senior figure of the party - I think thats unlikely to be chance.

Its the sort of deeply irresponsible party before country type of behaviour we have grown used to from Labour.

PS My guess is this will be one of the most watched Question Times ever - largely due to the actions of the Labour party and its anti-free speech allies.

As I've said elsewhere the panellists had better have done their home work because Nick Griffin is a slippery so and so and will be very hard to skewer. Those who think you can just turn out and say your a racist and win the argument are in for a shock.

The stakes are high tonight. Lets hope someone gets Nick Griffin below the water line.


Quiet_Man said...

To be honest I don't think Labour are that smart, though possibly it's a Mandelson ploy. I also doubt that any amount of bribes nearer the election will buy back their core support, only an immediate moratorium on immigration might do it and that is simply not going to happen.

Anonymous said...

I have just watched this, I started with no sympathy for Griffin and I still don't with his views. However the disgusting behaviour of the 'anti fascist' groups and the sight of one man being beaten up by all the panel and the presenter made me feel sick.

Sarah said...

I've read a few remarks saying Griffin was squirming. I listened rather than watched so I couldn't really tell, I think he held his own against hostile panel, chairman and audience to be honest. I'm sure his party will have gained some brownie (or whitey) points for people having to sit through the 'but who are the British' and 'we're all from Africa stuff'.

I was disappointed the whole show was pretty much about him and his party though. I'd expected a question but I kind of hoped that they would limit it to one.

Barking Spider said...

Truly the worst QT ever - an ambush, not a debate. The audience stuffed with screaming lefties, the anti-fascist fascists, the UAF on the street and an unbelievably biased Dumblebore. Including the panel, it ended up as 5 against 1, (not forgetting the audience), and will have been seen as such by most people. Hardly a shining example of British fair play. The MSM will most likely toe the BBC/Labour line and say that Griffin was slaughtered but under the biased circumstances, he held his own well.

Toque said...

They're scaremongering in Scotland about voting for the SNP.