Monday, April 20, 2009

Remeber "Blair denies 'Labour smear' over Tory cuts" - 2005 ?

For those who think that the final undeniable exposure of Labour's spin and smear operation just impacts personalities and "tittle tattle " ( Copyright 2009 The Prince of Darkness , use acknowledged ) consider the impact of the Blair/Brown smear and misrepresentation in 2005 of Conservative plans to reduce the rate of expansion of public spending. ( Personally I think this one has Gordon Brown's finger prints all over it ).

Unemployment would rise by 300k ! Teachers, Doctor's and Nurses would be fired en mass. Only Labour would guarantee the fantastically useless "New Deal".

Well we are all now going to pay the price of that distortion and Gordon Brown's plan to destroy the UK's fiances pursuing his political agenda ( a combination of stealth socialism and destruction of the state and personal ambition - ably helped by McPoison, Balls et al ).

If the Conservatives had won in 2005 we would have been in a far better condition to tackle the upcoming financial disaster facing the government. Instead the cuts will be arbitrary, panicked, unplanned, wasteful in themselves ( efficiency savings in Govt almost always seem to require spending yet more money ).

Labour and especially Brown's refusual to even allow rational debate in 2005 about government spending combined with its smears on Conservative spending and immigration plans ( both of which now have been shown to be the right course of action - anyone who denies this perhaps needs to book a session with Dolly Draper, who needs the work ).

Labour clung to power in 2005 through spin, smear, poison, lies and betrayal of our nation.


CityUnslicker said...

quite right. Labour only governs through lies and it will stay this way!

Anonymous said...

You summed it up beautifully. People on the left like to claim the current smears and lies are new but this is something that has been lurking for over 10 years.

10 Downing Street is and will remain morally corrupt until the next General Election.

wildgoose said...

I was thinking about one of your earlier suggestions about how to guarantee financial rectitude from our government.

Here's my suggestion: Governments go into elections with a manifesto that clearly lays out the tax rates and changes they will implement, along with the absolute borrowing they will make. They are not allowed by law to deviate from their manifesto commitment without either a Referendum or calling a new Election. When financial situations change, (and they will), they will be forced to do what the rest of us have to do and cut their coat according to their cloth. Either that, or ask our permission to raise taxes.

After all, if you have a tradesman in to do some work you don't give him a blank cheque, do you?

Meanwhile, Gordon "is a moron" Brown's is continuing with his Scorched Earth financial insanity:

Gordon's Götterdämmerung

Man in a Shed said...

Wildgooose - I find the issuing of 15 year contracts to favoured leftist causes especially sinister.

Shades of the National Redoubt during Germany's fall there.

Clearly a government needs some flexibility in economic matters. The problem is the current one has abused our system to bind us for at least 50 years having never asked first.