Monday, April 20, 2009

GBP 15 billion efficieny savings - yeah right

The spin is on again.

Today's incredible news to be swallowed is the pre-budget leak ( ™ Gordon Brown ) - as opposed to the pre-budget report to grab more headlines - that government is going to magic £15 billion savings from, wait for it, efficiency savings. However its over 5 years (Trick copyright Gordon Brown in budgets 97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,05,06,07), and of course any decisions are post election. ( Could they have been reading the polling that says the tax paying public, who still have jobs, want to see government make savings ? ) So is this £3billion a year really ? If so its a drop in the government ocean.

Despite even its small nature no one - and I mean no one - believes this, unless its accompanied by examples of cuts and redundancies. ( Remember Lord Digby Jones thinks you could drop the civil service by 50% and it would get better - so there's scope ).

But Labour won't do this, just as Brown and Johnson sacrificed our futures by not reforming civil service pensions before the last general election.

There can be only two reasons for this bit of spin:

    1) So that eventual cuts don't seem to bad and are through the media cycle to allow cynical Labour to dictate the headlines it wants for the papers.
    2) If no major savings are at least announced it will be impossible for the extra borrowing that Brown Darling announces to be financed. Indeed its announcement could cause a run on the pound and government bankruptcy.

Labour have destroyed our today and now they want to make sure they get your children too.

PS Beeboids - if you want to do your job, the headline should be £3billion per year - but you allow yourselves to be manipulated again. That's bias.

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Boombastic said...

£3 billion is squat as you rightly say. Not one person will lose their job. Liebour need the votes of the highly politicised civil service.