Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mandelson is at the root of Liebour's evil

The Prince of Darkness ( aka Peter Mandelson - forced to resign twice from the Cabinet - sent of to Europe on a very high paid job and back for a third snout in the trough experience with Gordon Brown ) is trying the old Jedi mind trick on the media (aka spin).

He's announcing that the scandal over Labour's dirty tricks campaign run by Gordon Brown long term associates is over. And of course using standard Labour spin deceit techniques he tries to re-write history - most of which is hardly a week old. Get a load of this for pure evil and deception:

    Lord Mandelson said ..... the prime minister had acted "so decisively and quickly in getting rid of him".

This is demonstrably not the case (Brown dithered and apparenetly accepted his old friends resignation only when the pressure was unbearable - when sacking for misconduct was surely required - I wonder if he keeps his gold plated public sector taxpayer funded pension as a result ? ) - but that doesn't stop Mandelson for one minute.

It will be interesting to see how all the MSM commentators who have been rushing out Damian McBride stories react to one of the Liebour Undead who hasn't yet been dispatched by Guido Von Hesling.

Remember the lies, spin deception all came in with the New Labour project and who was at its heart?

Of course the ever faithful BBC runs the story with the prominence that you would expect from the prince's favoured familiar, but unlike the old days on post 97 other views make it into the report - although way down in the article.

Update: Maybe this is the news story Lord Mandelmort is trying to bury with the above absurd statement ?

Despite all the spin and chaff being fired by Labour spin doctors the question of how the email really got out is still open. Since the effect of the email leak has been to strip Brown of man of the thugs who protected his position an internal Labour party source can't be ruled out.

Further: Seems I'm not the only one to wonder if the leaked emails aren't really a smoking gun re-starting the Blairite/Brown civil war.

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Bertie Humbug's Ranto-O-Matic said...

Lies Labour Lies Labour...

The two words are synonymous (well, along with greed,incompetence, corruption...)