Wednesday, April 22, 2009

For the country or for the Election ?

That's the choice Alistair Darling had when putting his budget together.

Has he taken the painful decision now that will give us some chance in the coming years and not steal more from the future of our children than is now necessary ?

Or will is be the sort of budget Gordon Brown would produce. Highly political with measures designed to make life difficult for the Conservatives based on his understanding of our likely manifesto ?

I'd like to believe Alistair Darling would put the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland before the Labour party, but he wouldn't be the sort of New Labour politician we have all learnt not to trust if he did.

Frightening damage is now being done to our country, and reports are that Labour minister are busy signing 15 contracts for pet projects they want to make impossible for future governments to cancel.

As with MPs expenses and Gordon Brown's laughable attempt to rehabilitate himself, our money is likely to be w=wasted on the unqualified selfish self serving Labour career politicians who have lead us into this disaster.

I don't hold out much hope for the budget.

The only question is what will they be trying to hide from tomorrows headlines in the small print this time ?

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