Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Iraq inquiry timing

Yesterday the gap year student who is interning as the Foreign Sectary, David Miliband, indicated that the long awaited Iraq inquiry would start after UK troops are pulled out of Iraq in July.

The BBC reporters hinted that the main issue here could be the general election, and Labour wanting to set the terms of the inquiry but not have it report till after the election.

This would achieve two things:
1) The stop a Conservative government giving the inquiry its terms of reference - which could be disastrous for Labour.
2) It avoids the inquiry concluding before a general election.

But I was just wondering if in fact some in Labour might like it before and general election and to report before that election, to avoid any fall out during the leadership election in Labour that will follow their impending defeat.

After all its Labour party members who are some of the angriest people about the decision to go to war with Iraq.

Surely Miliblogger isn't that devious is he ?

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The Great Simpleton said...

As I understand it Cabinet papers are locked away when a Governement changes unless they want them leaving out. If that is the case I can't see Labour kicking off an enquirey brefore the election.