Thursday, March 26, 2009

What you will never see on the BBC

Subject of conversation are allowed in the BBC radio at 8am in the morning that mean I have to turn it off to protect my children. Even the BBC's kids channels have sketches about how disgusting birth is (watched in horror by my daughter - you'd think your kids were safe with a dedicated TV channel for kids) [ for the Beeboids monitoring it was the bit with the presenter and the Cactus puppet "Oucho"]. That kids TV then turns into Youth TV (aka BBC 3) and programmes like weird eating disorders at 7pm if you don't rush to the TV to pull the plug. ( Again just what I want my Daughter watching. )

But trashing peoples lives, morality is fine for the BBC. The type of TV interview above, however, will never happen.

And I have to pay a TV poll tax for this left wing immoral propaganda.

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